Professor Yu-Chee Tseng


Selected Publications

  • "A Multi-embedding Neural Model for Incident Video Retrieval", Pattern Recognition

  • “An Auto-Encoder Multi-Task LSTM Model for Boundary Localization”, IEEE Sensors Journal

  • “Receiver-Initiated Data Collection in Wake-Up Radio Enabled mIoT Networks: Achieving Collision-Free Transmissions by Hashing and Partitioning”, IEEE Trans. on Green Communications and Networking

  • “FusionTalk: An IoT-based Reconfigurable Object Identification System”, IEEE Internet of Things Journal

  • “Things in the Air: Tagging Wearable IoT Information on Drone Videos”, Discover Internet of Things

  • “Magnetic Field-based Localization in Factories Using Neural Network with Robotic Sampling”, IEEE Sensors Journal

Current Positions

  • Chair Professor, NYCU (陽明交通大學/講座教授)

  • Director, Pervasive AI Labs, MOST (科技部/人工智慧普適研究中心/主任)

  • Founding Dean, College of Artificial Intelligence (陽明交通大學/智慧科學院/院長)

Research Interests

  • Internet of Things

  • AI and Smart Sensing

  • AI and Smart Networking

  • AI and Smart Vision

Honors and Awards

  • National Chair Professorship, 2020.02~2023.01 (第23屆國家講座,工程與應用科學類)

  • 科技部「傑出特約研究員獎」(107年度)

  • 清華大學傑出校友, 2019.

  • TWAS Prize in Engineering Sciences, by The World Academy of Sciences, 2018.

  • W. Y. Pan Distinguished Research Award, 2015. (潘文淵文教基金會, 傑出研究獎, 2015)

  • Academic Award, Ministry of Education, 2014. (教育部第58屆學術獎, 2014, 工程及應用類)

  • TECO Award, 2013. (第二十屆東元獎, 電機/資訊/通訊領域, 2013)

  • Y. Z. Hsu Scientific Chair Professor(第十屆有庠科技講座教授, 通訊光電類, 2012/08~2013/07).

  • K. T. Li Breakthrough Award, 2005. (李國鼎穿石獎)

  • Distinguished Alumnus Award, 2005, Ohio State University.

  • Outstanding Research Awards (科技部「傑出研究獎」三次)

  • IEEE Fellow


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Department of Computer Science

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