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Yannick Benezeth
Univ. Bourgogne Franche-Comté
Laboratoire Le2i
UFR Sc. et Techniques
9 av. Alain Savary
21000 Dijon

Tel : +33 (0)3 80 39 59 15
Email : yannick.benezeth@u-bourgogne.fr

I am associate professor (Maître de Conférences) in computer science at Univ. Bourgogne, in Dijon (France). I am currently affiliated with the IUT de Dijon and I do my research in the LE2I research laboratory. I teach courses on databases and image/video processing in the Computer Science department of the Dijon Institute of Technology (IUT de Dijon). My research activities mainly focus on video health monitoring and video analytics. You can find my resume here.

On this website, I share pdf of my papers, slides of my lectures, some codes and datasets. Do not hesitate to contact me....


List of publications here or on Google scholar


DUT Informatique - IUT Dijon Auxerre

  • Bases de données avancées : Rappels, Triggers, Transactions, XML-DTD, XML-XPath, XML-XQuery, UML (slides)
  • Programmation et administration des bases de données : Oracle, SQL, PLSQL, Curseurs, Exceptions, Fonctions, Administration (slides)
  • Traitement des images et des vidéos : Intro, Premiers traitements, Filtrage, Stégano, Compression, Reconnaissance (slides)

Licence 3 (BSc) in Computer Vision

  • Numerical Analysis: Numerical errors, Roots and optimization, Linear systems, Curve fitting, Numerical Integration (slides)

Master in Computer Vision

Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree in Medical Imaging and Applications

  • Photoplethysmography: methods, applications and perspectives (slides)

Selected projects

IBIS: Real Time Superpixels Segmentation using a Fraction of an Image

More information (with C++ code) in the project webpage or in the paper.

UBFC-RPPG database focused specifically for remote PPG analysis.

More information (with videos and Matlab code) in the project webpage.

Remote Photoplethysmography Based on Implicit Living Skin Tissue Segmentation

S. Bobbia, Y. Benezeth, J. Dubois

In ICPR 2016 , project webpage

Background subtraction with multispectral video sequences

Y. Benezeth, D. Sidibé, J.-B. Thomas

In ICRA Workshops 2014 , project webpage (with the multispectral video dataset)

Meta-Tracking for Video Scene Understanding

P.-M. Jodoin, Y. Benezeth, Yi wang

In AVSS 2013 , project webpage (with Matlab code and videos)

Abnormal Events Detection Based on Spatio-Temporal Co-occurences

Y. Benezeth, P.-M. Jodoin, V. Saligrama, C. Rosenberger

In CVPR 2009, project webpage (with videos)


A French audiovisual database for speech-driven lip animation systems

Developed at INRIA in 2009, more info at project webpage (with videos, audio files and time-aligned phonetic transcription)