Yannick Gabuthy

Professor of economics (University of Lorraine).

Research interests: Law and Economics, Dispute resolution, Experimental economics.

Address: BETA ; UFR Droit, Economie, Gestion ; 13, place Carnot 54035 Nancy, France.

Email: yannick.gabuthy@univ-lorraine.fr

Full CV (in french)

[Last updated: January, 2019]

Recent article:

"Bargaining and Hold-up: The Role of Arbitration", Oxford Economic Papers (with Abhinay Muthoo)

Recent book:

"Théorie des jeux coopératifs et non coopératifs. Application aux sciences sociales", De Boeck Supérieur (with Sylvain Béal)

Other things being equal, a simpler theory will be preferable to a less simple theory (John C. Harsanyi)

Works in progress

  • On Plaintiff Preferences regarding Methods of Compensating Lawyers (with T. Friehe), under revision.
  • On Lawyer Compensation when Appeals are Possible (with C. At and T. Friehe), under revision.
  • Settlement Implications of Lawyer Advertising (with T. Friehe and E-A. Lambert), submitted.
  • Lawyer Fee Arrangements and Litigation Outcomes (with P-H. Morand), submitted.
  • Legal Fees, Cost-Shifting Rules and Litigation: Experimental Evidence (with E. Peterle and J-C. Tisserand).
  • Bargaining and Chilling Effect (with M. Ayouni, E-A. Lambert and Y. Oytana).
  • Litigation and Discovery (with M. Ayouni and T. Friehe).
  • Résolution des litiges et rémunération des avocats (with M. Doriat-Duban and E-A. Lambert).


Articles in international journals

  • Bargaining and Hold-up: The Role of Arbitration. Oxford Economic Papers, 2019, 71, 292-308 (with A. Muthoo).
  • Legal Advertising and Frivolous Lawsuits. Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, 2018, 174, 570-593 (with E-A. Lambert).
  • Moral Hazard and Agency Relationship in Sequential Litigation. International Review of Law and Economics, 2015, 41, 86-90 (with C. At).
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  • Online Dispute Resolution and Bargaining. European Journal of Law and Economics, 2004, 17, 353-371.

Articles in french journals

  • Enseigner les structures de marché et stratégies de concurrence avec les jeux pédagogiques. Revue d'Economie Politique, 2018, 1, 1-39 (with E-A. Lambert).
  • Analyse économique du droit : présentation générale. Economie & Prévision, 2013, 1-2, , 1-8, special issue on "Law and Economics", guest editor.
  • Analyse économique du droit et méthode expérimentale. Economie & Prévision, 2013, 1-2, 121-145 (with N. Jacquemet).
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  • Efficiency of Online Dispute Resolution: A Case Study. Communications & Strategies, 2005, 60, 201-224 (with B. Deffains).

Books and chapters

  • Théorie des jeux coopératifs et non coopératifs. Application aux sciences sociales. De Boeck Supérieur, Coll. LMD Economie, 2018 (with S. Béal). [Errors and typos]
  • Frivolous Suits, In : Encyclopedia of Law and Economics, A. Marciano and G. B. Ramello (eds.). Springer, 2017 (with E-A. Lambert).
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  • An Economic Analysis of Conflicts Resolution in Cyberspace, In: Internet and Digital Economics, E. Brousseau and N. Curien (eds.). Cambridge University Press, 2007 (with B. Deffains and P. Fénoglio).

Research visits

  • University of Marburg, Marburg Centre for Institutional Economics, Germany, July 2018.
  • University of Essex, Department of Economics, United Kingdom, September 2001 - February 2002.


  • Faculty of Law, Economics and Business: Microeconomics, Game Theory, Economics of Risk, Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics.
  • Ecole des Mines de Nancy: Game Theory.
  • Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Géologie de Nancy: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics.
  • University of Technology Belfort-Montbéliard: Industrial Organization.


"Richard Thaler, promoteur du paternalisme libéral", Le Monde Economie, October 13 2017 (with S. Ferey and N. Jacquemet).