Yale '88: A Creative Class.

How to Contribute to the
Quilt of Creative Arts Content.

Bring something for the On-Site artists display
(or send it*)
*you don't have to be present to be present

Many classmates have expressed interest in seeing classmates' artistic endeavors, so whether or not you are coming to New Haven, we're calling all creatives!  Are you a writer, poet, filmmaker, painter, photographer, ceramicist, designer, chef, sculptor, architect, furniture maker, musician, dancer, actor, or performance artist? If you think of yourself as a creative (however you define that), we want to hear from you!

There are four ways to participate. They are not mutually exclusive. 

Once you've read the descriptions below, submit your work(s) using the Submission of Works form. If you have more than one item (e.g., multiple books) you may use the same form as many times as necessary. 

Reunion On-site Display

As we have done at the last several  reunions, we again plan to have an on-site display of books and artistic works. We will have both table space and limited wall space to hang items. In addition, we also are able to accommodate works that are online, and can include  these in the physical display using cards with QR codes for easy access. 

To submit, use the submission form for each individual item you wish to include in our display.

Virtual Readings, Talks, Screenings and other off-site events

We are encouraging authors, filmmakers, professors and other creatives to offer readings, screenings, or talks as virtual events either before or after the reunion. We have very limited time in New Haven (literally four hours of main programming), but unlimited opportunities to offer virtual class gatherings where individuals can 'take the stage' with their work, and invite interested classmates to join. 

So we are encouraging a series of virtual events which allows us to provide more opportunity for all. The reunion committee will help with coordination, tech, planning and promotion. If you hold them before reunion, the discussions they spark can continue at reunion.

Using the submission form, please indicate your interest in offering a virtual program.

Online Catalog

This year we will be doing our best to create an online catalog of creative works that are available ongoing. Share links to your creative works, whether it is a place to buy your book, online writing, movie, music, image gallery or creative website.  (It's easy to add this as an option when listing items for the on-site display.) 

 You do not need to attend reunion to participate. 

Using the submission form, either enter your online resource individually, or make sure to provide a URL when submitting work for the on-site display.

The Calalog is in development... but you can view the latest draft now.

Creative Endeavors Movie Screening

One panel time slot will be devoted to the creative endeavors of our classmates. To have your commentary included in the video, please videotape yourself succinctly answering any or all of the following questions (these are just prompts to spark ideas):

In addition to your video interview, please provide a representative sample of your work. This can be photographs or video. If a video, it should ideally be under 5 minutes, and in any event no longer than 20. Be advised that all submissions will be edited. Our goal is to edit the submissions together into a film to represent the creative work of our class as a whole.  

All instructions about how to submit your material are included on the submissions form.  Your video should be recorded in landscape format (horizontal). Please follow these camera guidelines.  By sending in material, you agree to release the material for use in this montage which will be shown at Reunion and memorialized for  potential future sharing.