block email sender in Yahoo

Instructions to block an email sender in Yahoo Mail

If you are getting irritating emails to your Yahoo mail, So don't worry you can block senders. With the use of Yahoo Mail, you can block email senders more than 500.

When an email address is added to your blocked list, it is automatically removed.

And the sender is not aware that it is put on a blocklist because Yahoo didn't give information to the sender that it is blocked.

Instructions to block email-sender in Yahoo

1 Open a web browser and log into the Yahoo Mail by using your id password.

2 Tap on "Options" and choose "More options" from the drop-down menu.

3 Click on "Spam" to see the choices to block email from certain senders.

4 Enter the email address you want to block in the part of blocked email addresses. After that click on "Add" to block the email address then click on "Save Changes" to conclude the changes.

You can unsubscribe from mailing lists

In some circumstances, you may have subscribed automatically to an online mailing list that is transferring you an irritating email or an email that no longer entertains you.

Normally, there is a link to unsubscribe within the email that you can follow to cancel the subscription, but Yahoo also gives a "Blocked senders" right in the "More" menu that you can also click to stop non-mails.

Follow the directions that seem when you click to unsubscribe to make sure your address is deleted accurately. If the cancellation of the subscription does not work, you can file an objection with the Federal Trade Commission, asks Yahoo Support to block the email from the addresses from which the messages arrive or report the messages as spam to Yahoo.

You Can Also Report spam to Yahoo

When you open an email in Yahoo Mail that seems to be false or unwanted commercial information, you can click the "Spam" button to report it to Yahoo as spam.