Yael Inbar

I am a lecturer (equivalent to the American assistant professor rank) of Management of Technology and Information Systems at the Coller School of Management in Tel Aviv University.

My research interests are online behavior patterns in digital platforms and the role of information systems in societal fields, such as media and education. My research focuses on the use of technological tools for learning purposes, as well as the dynamics of user-generated-content platforms.

I employ big data analytics to transform users' digital footprints into meaningful insights regarding society-related outcomes. I also use digital experimentation to understand the impact of different technologies and digital applications on users' behavior and decision making.

I was a post-doctoral fellow at Heinz College of Information Systems and Public Policy, Carnegie Mellon University.

I hold a PhD in information systems, MBA, and BSc in computer science from Tel Aviv University.

Prior to joining the academia, I worked as a software development team leader in one of the leading engineering companies in Europe. I enjoy bringing my two favorite disciplines together: technology and society.