Naloxone Posts

Because our goal is to increase the longevity of people experiencing homelessness, naturally the Opioid epidemic must be addressed. Opioids, in large doses, inhibit the respiratory system, causing death second to hypoxia. Our goal is to distribute naloxone, a reversal drug, to the community in response to this crisis.

Community based naloxone programs have shown promising affects though out the country because they put this life saving drug into wide circulation (See ,, ). The brain can function without oxygen for around four to six minutes – with exceptions of course – and Yadavary Naloxone posts can therefore save lives.

The posts include one unit of naloxone and instructions on how to use the device. Not only do we provide the units free, we also replace them – once used – free of charge. We strategically place the items in private stores throughout Westwood – usually 24/7 gas stations and the like. Please see our locations below.