Xu Shen's Site

Hi there,

This is Xu Shen(沈煦)'s homepage. Welcome!

I'm now a graduate student and researcher in Ph.D. program at Dept. of Mechanical Engineering of University of California, Berkeley.

My current research fields is Model-based Predictive Control(MPC), Machine Learning, and Autonomous Driving. My research advisor is Prof. Francesco Borrelli. The research is supported by Berkeley DeepDrive (BDD) and Hyundai Center of Excellence (HCE) at UC Berkeley.

I am keen on lots of topics, including technology, sports, music, and society. I will be excited if you also find some common interests.

My Timeline


2018.08 Entered UC Berkeley as a Ph.D. program student and Graduate Student Researcher at MPC lab. @ Berkeley, CA, USA

2018.06 Graduated from Tsinghua University with B.E. degree and received Outstanding Graduate, Outstanding Thesis. @ Beijing, China


2017.08 Worked as a research intern in Biorobotics Lab, Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University. @Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the United States

2017.01 Worked as an undergraduate researcher in Advanced Mechanism and Roboticized Equipment Lab, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Tsinghua University. @Beijing, China


2016.10 Worked as a research intern in Laboratory of Intelligent Manufacturing, Design and Automation (LIMDA), University of Alberta. @Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

2016.09 Entered University of Alberta as a Fall-term exchange student. @Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

2016.07 Worked as a research intern in Interfacial Lab, University of California, Santa Barbara. @Santa Barbara, California, the United States


2015.09 Started to serve as freshman peer advisor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Tsinghua University. @Beijing, China

2015.07 Visited the headquarter of Audi, Mercedes-Benz, DMG MORI, Schlafhorst, and PIV Drives & Dana Brevini under the topic "Industry 4.0" @Germany


2014.08 Entered Tsinghua University and major in Mechanical Engineering (Pilot Class). @Beijing, China