Xulia González

Welcome to my personal web page!

I am Associate Professor in Economics at the University of Vigo and head researcher of the Group of Researchers in Empirical Economics (GRiEE)

My research interests are:

  • Empirical Industrial Economics

  • Productivity

  • R&D and Innovation

  • Competition Policy

Selected Publications:

Blog entry in Nada es Gratis

Data base available [here]

Work in progress:

  • Production function estimation when output is not observed (joint with Saul Lach and Daniel Miles)

  • Competition and competitors: Evidence from the retail fuel market (joint with M.J.Moral)

  • Performance pay, firm size, and exporter status (joint with R. Loveira and C. Pazo)

  • Gender differences in answering multiple-choice test: The impact of negative marking (joint with Daniel Miles)