My name is Xin Yu, a Senior Lecturer at the University of Queensland. I am an Australian Research Council Discovery Early Career Researcher Award 2023-2025 (DECRA) recipient and an awardee of the prestigious Google Research Scholar Program in 2021. Previously, I was a research fellow at the Australian National University (ANU). I received my PhD degree from the Australian National Unversity under the supervision of Prof. Richard Hartley, Prof. Fatih Porikli and Dr. Basura Fernando. I also received a PhD degree from Tsinghua University supervised by Prof. Li Zhang. I am interested in Computer Vision and Machine Learning topics.

I am actively looking for self-motivated students with strong backgrounds in CS and math. 

Contact details: 

Address: Room 605. Building 78. The University of Queensland. Australia


Google Scholar: LINK

UQ Official Website: LINK


Research topics

Image super-resolution, Deblurring, Depth estimation, Defocus estimation, Image retrieval and localization, Action recognition,  Visual Navigation, Object tracking and pose estimation.

Professional Activities