Xin T. Tong

Assistance Professor,

Department of Mathematics, National University of Singapore.

Room 806, Block S17, 10 Lower Kent Ridge Road, Singapore 119076

Tel: +65-65162756, Email: mattxin(at)

Research Interests

Key Words: High dimension, Data assimilation, Stochastic process, Data analysis

My research interests lie broadly inside probability theory and its applications in statistics, machine learning and nonlinear systems. My recent research involves investigating the behavior of algorithms, e.g. EnKF, MCMC and SGD, when the problem dimension is high. One of the common theme is that we can show stable performance of these algorithms, if certain intrinsic structures can be exploited.

Short C.V.

Assistant Professor. Department of Mathematics, National University of Singapore, 2016-present.

Postdoc. Courant Institute of Mathematical Science, New York University 2013-2016

Ph.D. Operations Research and Financial Engineering, Princeton, 2009-2013

B.S.School of Mathematical Sciences, Peking University, 2005-2009