Xingang Wen

Welcome to my website. I am Xingang Wen, a postdoc researcher at Bielefeld University in Germany. Currently I am working with Prof. dr. Herbert Dawid on the C2 project Innovation dynamics under market uncertainty and financial constraints,  which is a sub-project of the CRC(SFB) 1283 project Taming uncertainty and profiting from randomness and low regularity in analysis, stochastics and their applications.

My main research interest is Investment Decisions under Uncertainty, which include investment decisions in the renewable energy resources (RES) under demand and policy uncertainties, product innovation investment decisions under demand uncertainty and bankruptcy threats, and the stretegic interactions associated with firms' investment decisions such as between the firm and its lender, the firm and its competitor, and so on.

In general I am interested in Real Options Analysis, Differential Games, Game Theory, and topics like Contract Theory, Vehicle Routing Problems, Competitive Algorithms and Competitive Analysis. 

Please find my CV here.