Xie He

I am interested in connecting Network Science with ML and everything else. Whether it is brain data in biology, or social media data, or even if it is something entirely new, I want to study the topolgoical structure of how network could combine data points and link the world together.  Specifically, I am interested in predicting the future through link prediction on temporal networks. Recently, my internships have also expanded my interest to how graph topology would be useful in NLP. 

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Xie He

Phd Candidate in Applied Mathematics, 

advised by Peter Mucha

Dartmouth College, expected graduation 06/2024

B.S. in Mathematics of Computation, UCLA, 2019


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Selected Works

Sequentailly Stacked Model for Link Prediction on Temporal Networks

Sampling Difference for Different Networks

Noisy subgraph Matching

Exact Subgraph Matching

Finding Anomaly in British Transportation Networks