About me

Ok, so enough about you. Let's hear more about me!

Hi there! Thanks for coming to this page! Not many people want to know more about me, but it's so wonderful that you do. As a reward here is a high-quality picture of me:

Yup, that's me!

My name is Xavier Harris. My game developer alias is my initials, XHH. Don't ask what the middle H is for because I won't tell you. XHH is also some kind of special escape sequence in C++. Big coincidence, right? I am currently powering my way through a Computer Science degree at UMBC.

I've had all sorts of creative hobbies since sixth grade. This includes drawing, comic books, animations, web development, and of course... game development. So far with every game I've made, the quality of the game has drastically increased!

I have various rules when making games. I make games that...

  • --Can run on low-end devices so everyone can play!
  • --Are FREE! This is a hobby. I make games just because I want others to have one more thing in their life that they can enjoy. I'm not about money when it comes to doing something I love.
  • --Are different from typical games that are being sold right now. I see many other developers create games where you either shoot a gun until your mouse breaks, they have some lame coin-collecting objective, or they're just riddled with tutorials. I try my best to come up with something different.

I do all my work by myself. Yes, I'm a real loner. I like to make all the art and animations myself; do all the programming myself; maintain my own site and blog; and find good music and sound effects on the net. Eventually I'll be making my own music as well.

Thanks for reading! It's so nice that you wanted to know more about me!

I make fun stuff. And I enjoy it.