XLive SD Splitter

Download the Windows executable here:


What it Does:

  • Exports channels across multiple SD Cards/Directories
  • Allows selecting specific channels to write
  • Name the exported channels

Future plans:

  • Read channel names from the X/M32 scene file
  • Write each Card/Session to an independent file, instead of appending. Good for those of you who stop recording after a set.

Feb 28:

  • Picked up a dual slot SD Card reader. Working on streamlining ingest

Feb 23:

  • Some UI rework
  • Added the option to change the amount of data the program retrieves for each chunk. Default is 10 seconds worth of data. I'm not sure it will have any impact, but it is available for tweaking if desired.

Feb 20:

  • Fixed the log and file box layout

Feb 18:

  • Added a progress window
  • Stability fixes (hopefully)
  • A quick video of running a couple exports

Feb 17 :

  • Added channel naming, double-click to set name
  • Changed output to 24 bit wav
    • Science showed that there was no discernible difference between 32 bit, so why not save the disk space.
  • Fixed support for 8 and 16 channel sessions
    • tested!

This is a first go. I have tested it on my system with 32 channel recordings only. It does some basic sanity checks when Validating and Processing.

It will overwrite without confirmation any files named "Channel xx.wav" is the selected directory