– Enter activation code

Watch Prime Video on Amazon My TV, users have to enter a 6-digit registration code on the online web portal, which you can enter by visiting

Create an account on Amazon Prime Video from your TV official website and enjoy watching your favorite shows and great movies.

How to set up amazon prime video at

  • Step 1. Make sure you have a compatible device

  • Step 2. Visit the Prime Video website

  • Step 3. Create your Prime Video account at

  • Step 4. Set up Amazon Prime Video

  • Step 5. Start browsing Amazon Prime Video

Why should activate Amazon prime on TV?

This is the biggest question why we should subscribe to Amazon Prime because you can stream unlimited movies and TV episodes on amazon prime video app. You can enjoy amazon prime video also on Fire TV, smart TV, streaming media player, game console, mobile phone or tablet.

How to get amazon prime activation code on your TV and register a device from

  1. First of all you have to open Amazon prime app on your TV.

  2. And then sign in with your amazon prime account credential

  3. After that you will see 6 latter activation code on your TV screen.

  4. Now copy of 6 latter activation code

  5. Now open your browser and go to

  6. After above the steps you have to enter 6 letter activation code in the field Registration Code.

  7. After all you will successfully registered and activate Amazon Prime.

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime video is amazon’s streaming platform which is the main competitor of Netflix and other global streaming channels. You can watch your favorite movies and shows without any ads using amazon prime video. Also, amazon invests so much in its original series which makes Amazon Prime Video more amazing. Amazon originals are exclusively available only on amazon prime video. There are so many devices on which you can Cast amazon prime Video. Yes, apart from the mobile phone and computer you can watch it on your Smart TV as well. The following are the devices which are eligible for amazon prime video:

Apple TV

• Roku Devices

• Google Chromecast

• BT TV set-top box

• Nvidia Shield

• Many Blu-ray players

• Virgin Media TiVO

• Many Gaming Consoles

• Smart TVs

• Android TV