www.Office.com/setup - Redeem Office Setup Product Key

Office.com/setup - www.office.com/setup is a Website URL Owned By Microsoft Inc. This URL is specifically Used By Microsoft Office User To Redeem, Activate , Download , Install A Specific Software Program, That Is Microsoft Office. Using The URL's www.office.com/setup or Office.com/setup, Anyone With A Valid Microsoft Office Product Key Can Get Office Installed On Their Devices( Computers , Mobile Phones , Tablets Etc.).

To Get Office Installation Done, These Are The Steps, That A User Can Follow In-order To Install Office:

  1. Open Any Internet Browser Like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge Or Safari

  2. In The Search Bar Of Any Browser, Type www.Office.com/Setup Or Office.com/setup And Click Search.

  3. Now Sign in With Microsoft Account Or Create One To Sign in.

  4. After Signing Into Your Office Account, Click Next To Proceed.

  5. Type In Your 25 Digits Alphanumeric Office Product Key.

  6. Choose Your Region/Country And Click Next.

  7. After your Click, This Screen Will Show You, The variant Of Office You Have Purchased.

  8. Click Next Button To Proceed To Install Office.

  9. Once You Click Install, A File Will be downloading Named As OfficeSetup.exe or OfficeSetup.Dmg.

  10. Click To Open Office Setup file to Install Office Setup On Your Device.

  11. For More Visit www.office.com/setup and follow the on-screen instructions.