www.office.com/setup – Office Setup Product Key

Office.com/setup : Nowadays, don’t have to purchase Office Setup from any store; you can search the download option online. Purchase and download Microsoft Office by going to its official website and then begin with the given steps to download the Microsoft Office on the system. Go through the steps given below:

  1. You have to open a default browser on the computer.

  2. Type the link www.office.com/setup in the given section.

  3. Click the “Enter” option on the screen.

  4. Login to the Microsoft account by entering the username and password.

  5. If you don’t have an account on Microsoft Office, make a new one by typing the all details in the signup page.

  6. An option will appear on your screen to type the Office Product key in the given column.

  7. Type the product key from the registered email address.

  8. After entering the product key, press the “Submit” option.

  9. The product key is verified; install the latest version of the Microsoft product.

  10. Open “My Account” option.

  11. Tap the “Install” button.

  12. Just wait till the download process gets completed.

  13. Press the “Run or Save File” option on your default browser.

How to Install Microsoft Office Setup?

Microsoft Office has many programs like MS Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Excel, etc. After completing the downloading process of Office, go through the steps given below and download it on your computer:

  1. Once the Office product is downloaded on the computer, go to downloads folder and find the downloaded file.

  2. Double-click on the downloaded file to start the installation setup.

  3. Press the “Agree” button on the terms and conditions of the Microsoft Office.

  4. You have to go through the given guidelines to begin the installation.

  5. Tap “Close” after finishing the installation.

How to Activate Microsoft Office Setup?

Once you completed the installation process, now it is time to activate the Microsoft product. A product key is compulsory for the activation process. Follow the given steps to activate Office Setup.

  1. Open one of the apps which include MS Word after the installation process.

  2. To open the app, you have to double-click on its symbol.

  3. Tap on the “Get Started” option.

  4. Press “Start” to open MS Word.

  5. Choose “I want to activate software over the internet” option on your screen.

  6. Wait until the activation process gets complete.

How do I redeem Microsoft Office?

In Microsoft Store, select the See more menu located next to the Search box. Select Redeem Code. If you are not signed in, sign in to the Microsoft account and Enter the 25 digit code, and then select Redeem

What is the product key for Office?

Software Applications need a product key as part of the installation process for Microsoft Office. If you have lost your key, you will need to find it before you can install or reinstall the Application.

Does Office 365 have a product key?

If you purchase on time Office You will receive a product key, but you won't need or receive it for Office 365. To renew your Office 365 subscription, you can buy an Office 365 card from a retailer and redeem the code at www.office.com/setup.

How do I reinstall Microsoft Office?

Once you sign in to your Microsoft account and find your Product key, visit office.com/setup to activate Office, then select Install Office.