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Looking for a way to activate the Hulu channel on your smart device? This article has got you covered and will walk you through the process to activate Hulu on any device. The Hulu activate process is mostly similar for a different device, but some of the steps might vary. Although it is advised to refer to the user guide for activating any channel on your device, if you do not have access to the user manual, then you may simply follow the easy instructions for www.hulu.com/activate given hereby.

With the Hulu channel on your device, users can easily stream different on-demand and pre-loaded shows on their devices without having to worry about getting ads in between. With Hulu, one can easily open the gates of entertainment no matter which smart device he has. Now, that you know a few basic details about the Hulu channel, let us move forward on our way to activate Hulu using the hulu.com/activate enter code. "covid-19"

Different Hulu Packages "www.hulu.com/activate"

You can easily activate any of the following Hulu channels via www.hulu.com/activate using the "www.hulu.com/activate" Hulu activation code:

  • Hulu- this is the basic plan of Hulu which you can stream on any device. This plan is accompanied by almost all the features however you may occasionally come across advertisements.

  • Hulu+ No ads- this is an exclusive Hulu plan that you can purchase in case you do not want any interruption in between streaming shows.

  • Hulu Live TV- once you do Hulu Live login, you can stream a number of shows directly from your Hulu TV without coming across any issues.

Activate/Register a new device using Hulu code

Before we learn the process to activate Hulu on a particular device such as Roku, let us learn the method to activate a new device and prepare it for www.hulu.com/activate Hulu activation:

  1. First of all, download and launch the Hulu app on your device

  2. On the new screen, you will be prompted to sign in

  3. Sign in and choose "Activate on a computer"

  4. Now, you will see the Hulu activation code

  5. Now, go to the activation page i.e. www.hulu.com/activate

  6. Enter the code that was show to you earlier

  7. And, complete the Hulu live login process to finally activate your device

Method to activate Hulu on Roku

Now that you have registered your device with Hulu "www.hulu.com/activate", let us now learn to activate Hulu channel on a device like Roku:

  1. Initially, turn on your Roku device and the connected TV

  2. Now, navigate to the "Roku Channel Store"

  3. Then, type and search for "hulu.com/activate" using the "Search" box and press "OK"

  4. After that, select the "Add Roku Channel" option

  5. This will install the Hulu channel on your device

  6. Once the channel is downloaded, launch it on your device

  7. Now, you will see the Hulu Welcome screen on your display

  8. Along with that, you will see the activation code on your screen

  9. After that, visit www.hulu.com/activate on your computer

  10. Now, log in to your Hulu account and enter the activation code

  11. After entering the code, press the "OK" button

  12. Enjoy streaming favorite Hulu activate shows on your device

This is how you do Hulu activate on your Roku device via www.hulu.com/activate.

Learn how to activate Hulu on Apple TV

If you do not have an Android TV but have an Apple TV instead, then you may use the instructions given below to activate hulu.com/activate on your Apple TV: "covid-19"

  1. First, go to the Welcome screen of your Apple TV.

  2. Now, open the Hulu channel on your TV.

  3. The screen will now show you the Hulu activation code.

  4. Now, from any browser go to www.hulu.com/activate.

  5. After that, you need to log in to your account.

  6. Now, enter this code when prompted within 30 seconds.

To conclude-

This is how one can easily activate Hulu channel on a device such as Roku, Apple TV, and more via www.hulu.com/activate. All you need to do is use the activation code as soon as you see it on your screen. Otherwise, it will get expired and you will face activation issues.