Therapeutic Art 

I believe that Art is restorative  it can rescue and restore a person 

I am SEMH Art Trained ( Social Emotional Mental Health)

I believe that art rescues, it can be  a vehicle for change, deepening ones understanding of self. Helping us to make sense of the world in which we live.

Art is a form of communication.

Art can offer a relief  from stress and anxiety.

I offer therapeutic trauma-informed approaches to heal and restore.

Art can bring joy.

I have experience of working with young people with wide ranging social  emotional and mental health needs. 

Please contact me for further information on my approaches.

 Works shops for young people

I devise childrens work shops  for  all ages and abilities

I can link to any theme  that is already being followed in the classroom  or devise new and exciting ways to engage. 

I teach Printmaking , Ceramics , all types of Painting and Drawing , 3D Construction. 

Group work and one to one tuition.

In my carefully planned sessions I demonstrate the following :

Young Adults

I can offer high levels of attainment in wide ranging qualifications. 

I offer impressive academic outcomes for young people having delivered high levels of guidance towards A Level and GCSE Fine Art ,  Arts Award as well as  AQA Unit Award Certificates.


A Relaxing and mindful Art Class 

A relaxing and mindful art class, learn how to make beautiful patterns.

Promoting concentration, nurturing creativity, whilst at the same time increasing personal well-being. 

Teaching drawing techniques that combine fine line with soft tone to make beautiful designs. 

Quality paper, specialist pens, pencils and brushes provided.

Colour and collage introduced as and when confidence develops.

Beginners Welcome. 

Please contact me to find class locations and times.

Observational Drawing & Painting Class

The Joy of Looking and expressing what you see. 

Introducing artist such as Paul Cezanne, Henri Matisse and Paula Modershon Becker 

Explore and experiment with varied media and techniques in a friendly and welcoming class.

Beginners Welcome. 

Please contact me to find times and locations of the classes.

Drawing techniques in a variety of media.