www.canon.com/ijsetup And Quick Installation

To setup Canon Printer on any device (computer, phone etc) you require downloading the suitable driver for your Canon printer. This can be done with no trouble by selecting the right printer model before downloading the drivers (Supporting Software).

Complete Canon Printer Setup Solutions

Get immediate Canon support for all your needs including www.canon.com/ijsetup help, install setup, download driver, and troubleshooting for all models of Canon printers across all platforms Windows, Mac and Smartphone.

Easy Canon Printer Setup and Installation

§ Reveal your Canon printer from the box first.

§ Remove all the oranges tapes and packing material from it. Make sure if there are tapes inside that sealing your printer’s parts.

§ Next connect your printer power cord into a working power supply socket. Press the power button and your printer will start blinking.

§ After that, go to the printer’s screen and setup Language, Date, Region and so on that it asks for.

§ Get the Canon Printer original ink cartridge out of the box. Unlock the cartridge door and put in ink in the correct position.

§ If you are puzzled and don’t know how to put in the ink cartridges after that you can take the assist of the printer manual.

§ Close the door and see you will get the message on the screen.

§ Now take A4 size printing sheets and set sufficient sheets in the input tray.

§ Your printer will align both- sheets and ink cartridges.

Printer Connection

Now let us carry on towards the network link of your Canon Printer. There are three options from which you can select one.

§ USB Printing Setup

§ Ethernet Connection

§ Wireless Network Setup

Connection Setup Using USB wire

§ USB wire ports are known that are used to plug-in USB wire or Ethernet wire in your PC or network router.

§ Mainly of computers are linked to a wired network by one built-in Ethernet port.

§ USB or Ethernet wires are dissimilar from the ones that you use to connect your phone.

§ Put in both the port of the USB wire in your printer and another on your PC.

§ Now follow the on-screen commands and install the Canon printer driver software.

Ethernet Setup

§ Initial, Make sure that you have an Ethernet wire to support your printer model.

§ At what time choosing the connection type during the installation, confirm you pick Wired Network or Ethernet option.

§ So now you require a network router.

§ A switch or hub with obtainable Ethernet ports is necessary if the router doesn’t have any free ports.

§ Attach the Ethernet ports with printer and router.

§ This will set up the connection amid your printer and network router.

Wireless Connection Setup

§ Going on your printer stroke wireless button

§ The light will show that it is ON. Now push Settings on-screen of the printer.

§ After that, choose the Wireless Setup Wizard option and pick yes.

§ You require following the commands on the screen.

§ The printer will notice the accessible networks of the router.

§ Choose your router from the list and enter the password of the network to attach.

§ Follow the on-screen instructions and verify the wireless network connection.

Canon Printer Drivers Download

To run your printer and get the prints in your production you require having drivers and software on your computer. As drivers allow the printing and send the printing command to the printer. Let’s begin:

§ Switch on your printer and the computer.

§ Now open the browser and go to www.canon.com/ijsetup or canon.com/ijsetup.

§ Next Enter Model Number Search bar

§ After that Click go button

§ Click on Download and follow the on-screen commands to whole the setup.

§ After the download procedure is done you can see it in the download folder.

§ Now you require installing the Canon Printer drivers, but previous to this make sure printer linked with the computer.

§ Open the setup file in the Downloads folder and then run the setup.

§ Now click on Install option and begin installing, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup.

Canon Printer Troubleshooting

The www.canon.com/ijsetup printer elegantly addresses all the not easy problems by deliver the best probable relevant services. This frequently includes helpful tips for troubleshooting often happening technological problems. All the technological problems with higher solutions are rapidly found understood and sort out. It’s also probable to make a solution using conservative methods more professionally and safely in less time.

How to Fix Canon Printer Not Printing Issue?

Canon Printer frequently experience press-related problems by not printing and not notifies them. Canon Printers are good at what time they work, but it aggravates us while they don’t work.

How To Fix Canon Printer Quality Issue?

Canon Printer is not exclusively accountable for quality printing alone. There are some origin causes of a variety of factors that still require to be tested. troubles will differ from the print process to the software environment for canon.com/ijsetup.

How To Fix Canon Paper Jam Issue with no trouble?

A paper jam regularly happens while paper or other printed material gets intent in an canon design printer and cannot be removed. When this situation happens the printer does not work correctly until the paper is cleared.

How to Fix Canon Slow Printing Issue?

The print can change depending on pattern of the device, print method, difficulty of the document, software, type of paper used and connectivity. The speed of processing has no link with the speed of printing. This may be because of the weak network.