Ball Goes Shit

Dune Pumas game rating.

11/22 over 40 indoor Soccer

We got whooped. That's two weeks in a row we lost. This time we lost 10 to 4.

Again with such a poor showing there is not a lot of good things to say.

I will start with the defense: it was bad. There was a lot of missed marks, walking and just bad tackles. On the good side Dan once again had a vary aggressive proformance. He side out three times to pull the ball out from under the attacking players feet and all three times he got the ball and some of the players feet. Only one goal was his fault. He looked like a juggler trying to get his hands on the ball and just lost it. He's not even sure how that happened.

Jamie got our first goal to tie up the game. It was a left footed rip through the crowd and passed the keep. She would get another one later in the game to be our top scorer of the game.

Jason got one later in the game to keep the score close. This too was with is left foot. Adam ran interference on this goal. He was Infront of the keeper and at the last second moved out of the way and I don't think the keeper even saw the ball before it was past him.

Adam was also doing a good job of making friends out on the soccer field. In one shift he had three fowls in a row. The first he was pushed and went down. On his way down he took a swing and kicked the player in the back of the calf's as he wend down. He puts another guy done in the corner and started yelling at the ref for a while. I think he deserved a blue card but it never came that goodness. He did score one in the game so no harm no fowl.

Then there was bobby. He got destroyed by the other teams goal keeper out side of the box. Someone dumped the ball into the corner and Bobby won the fifty/fifty ball and was turning for the shot and the goalie pulled off an arm bar and dragged Bobby to the turf. Blue card and we still could not score.

Before the game even started there was some controversy and some questions out our president. Derek bought what I think was a hoodie for our Brewers FC flash store a while back. He got it delivered today with a little bottle of USED lotion in the bag with his purchase. There was some speculation as to why, but nothing good can come from sharing these.

It seems there is a name for it when you light your farts on fire, but no one really knew what it was. Derek tired to tell us, but only odd sounds came out of his mouth. So we decided to name it ourselves. Sarg (oh yes there was a Sarg sighting) suggested 'Hot Chewbacca.' our definition was lighting your fart on fire with no pants on. Yet after some extensive research I found the this name is already taken. Seems like Urban dictionary has a Hot Chewbacca is a hot girl with a hairy vagina. Seems like all the good names are already taken. Seems like on of the names is called a flaming trombone, pyroflatulence, flatus ignition or a blue angel. Seems this has more names but I'm done doing research.

Also Dan can't burp. He gave an explanation as to why, but no one was documenting that. Yet the good news is he can still fart and he many be doing that more because he can't burp.

Once again Kent was not at the game. It was a nine thirty game so it could have been past his bed time. We missed the canuck. He may be preparing for the loss that his national team will suffer in Canada's first World Cup 2022 game on Wednesday.

11/15 over 40 indoor Soccer (fuck)

The less I talk about this game the better. We played Futsal Refugees tonight. If you know you know. We lost 9 to 1.

Since we don't have a lot of good things to say about this game I will focus on what I can.

There were some good shots on goal but the other keeper was good and was able to pick all of them out of the air. He also has two was able to shoot at our goal twice. Thank goodness he did not score. That would have been embarrassing.

We tried to chip him twice and as the score would show that did not go well.

Dan had a lot of good saves. He was not the reason we lost. Let's just make that clean our goalie did his best to save what he could. Dame this team likes to run as a team.

So yes, we scored one goal, but it was not in the run of play. Andy (The Bearded One) received a ball near the top of the box...maybe a bit to the left of the box...and took a shot with the outside of his right foot. It was on target but was intercepted by the arm of one of the other teams hand. A few things of note here. The player was in the box, his last name was Luna and had once been Andy's coach while at Bavarians.

One of the other Andys on the Dune Pumas stepped up to take the penalty and scored.

Now I know this should be a recap of our teams performance but this needs to be noted. At the end of the second half this Luna guy was marking Andy (The Bearded One) had two shots on goal. After both shots he ended up on the ground. The first was an off balanced shot and the second Luna put full cleats into the back of his calf leaving two long clear marks down the back of Andy's leg. Luna was quoted after the play saying "the second one felt meaty. And I was apologizing before he went down" There was no fowl called on the play and the half ended.

So it seems that Robert finally showed up to the game today. Jamie has been curious as to why this guy Robert always responded in the email chain that he was going to be at the game, but he never showed up. Well Jamie just leard that Bobby is Robert and Robert is Bobby....side note I typed Booby but I corrected it before posting.

After the game Mark (John) went to his car and brought a bunch of World Cup Qatar swag in. There were some sticker book, some small trading cards and some packs of stickers. He just want to get ride of it at this point. His story is that it was just delivered to his house, it has some strangers name on it, his neighbor's address on it and had been delivered to three other places before his house. When he track the package it has once been delivered to a Walmart in a different state. He tried to find out who's shipment this was, called his old neighbor, searched the name on the package and a few other things. Yet it seems no one wanted to claim it.

Sadly there was no bracelet in the swag, which made one of the Brewers disappointed.

Derek donated most of this stuff to the Kickers origination before we left, I'm not sure if that had anything to do with our table getting two hand delivered popcorn baskets, but they did show up after he gave the swag to the front desk.

There was some talk about what we are going to do for the first USA World Cup game Monday, but as of now there is no good plan.

Lastly Kurt could not make the game this week because he hurt his foot last week. I'm sure if he would have shown up and coached us we could have done better.

Free stuff, but no jewelry

Carrie sent me this while I was playing. She said her daughter was watching election results with her and said, something to the fact, "that's Andy? Andy from soccer?"

11/8 over 40 indoor Soccer

Solid win for the over 40 Dune Pumas. We did not play our best game but than again we tend to play down to the teams we play against. The final was 14 to 4. Wallie even mention that we did not look like we played well.

We started off strong with a solid goal from the first shift. Gill was the first on the board. The first of many.

Eddie chipped the keeper from about half field for number two. The keeper got his hands on it but only the finger tips and it went over the line.

Number three came from the Bearded one with the standard outside of the right foot shot. It hit the keepers hands but the spin on the ball confused him and it bounced off his hands went over his left shoulder.

After three unanswered goals the other team finally put in one. It was a mess. There was a bad high back pass to Dan, the ball just would not settle at his feet. The one on coming forward got a piece of it and slid around him and passed it into the goal. This would not be the only goal GIVEN to the other team.

Once again the Bearded one was involved in the fourth goal. He had space In front of the goal and shot it directly at Jamie who was just trying to get out of the way and it rickashaied of her, For a moment she was not sure if it was going to be a shot or a pass to her, but when it became clear it was going to be a shot she tried to make herself as small as possible, and the ball went into the side netting.

At this point it became the Justin and tall Andy show for a while. At least three goals came from a pass from Justin to Andy. Only to be interrupted by Tim putting one into the back of the net.

When Justin and Andy kept scoring the Beard One decided that he had seen enough of this and stole a goal off the line from Andy. Just before the ball crossed the line he did a little toe poke that was excessive and unnecessary.

The three other goals scored against the good guys where, for the most part, gifts. There was a bad pass out of the back. Leaving a two on one with Dan. Someone decided to dripple through two people out of the back and had his pocket picked and again two on one with Dan.

The fourth was nothing to right home about and this writer did not see how it was scored. I hear it was a three on one because Andy overlapped the Bearded One, which opened the middle of the field right in front of the goal and when making the move to put the ball on his right foot....the ball went where it was supposed to go, but his body did not and he ended up on the ground, untouched and not fowled.

We are sure other people scored after this but no one was paying attention at this point. Yet one memorable goal was when Justin smashed the ball with all his might passed the keeper, who might have been trying to get out of the way. The ball was still accelerating as it hit the back of the net.

Things of note. Joe does not like IPAs. This lead to the skankiest sluttiest beer of the night. First Joe pored it into his glass and drank some. Joe pored this beer into Dan's cup, who also drank some. From here it was pored into Jamie's cup and she drank it. That one beer sure went around the table.

No one plays with Justin's balls. Not even a black Mormon. Who knew this was a fetish?

Dan and Jamie are looking for a quick way to make some money to help pay for the delays they have been having while building their new home. They may want to become drug dealers to make a few extra bucks. Seems like Joe knows and has made meth in the his duties as a police officer.

And if you find yourself coming off a meth high while in county jail with a friend, you should pick off the others scabs and drink their urine to help you come down slowly. Not sure why you would not pick your own or drink your own, but that is just how it is done.

I don't even want to relive the old people gang bang conversation, but Matty (who was not there and does not play anymore) wanted me to ask Jamie if she wanted to introduce her mom to Kurt's dad. Things got weird from there. Things were said, threesomes were suggested, Derek had to listen to his mom talk about dating for COMPANIONSHIP. Things got vary weird.

Don't go to Myrtle Beach but if you do, eat the soggy crap legs. If you don't, you have not had the true Myrtle Beach experience. This might be a euphemism for something, but I don't think so.

Lastly, some advice. If you are going to take the Blue Pill only take one. If you take two you might end up calling out of work and walking around the house knocking lamps off tables.

11/1 over 40 indoor Soccer

The game this week did not go as well as last. Final was 5 - 2 the good guys did not win. But not all was bad.

It started off bad in the email chain when the player count jumped to more than 13 that said they would play. Shortly after players were jumping at the chance to volunteer not to play. Ten minutes before game time only six people were at the field giving the few there a little bit to worry about by game time ten were suited up and ready to play. We had twelve to play in total.

The first goal was scored the drought king, Bobby. He scored of a well place shot. I don't think anyone saw it but he celebrated and no one disputed he was the last to touch the ball before it went in. This put the Dune Puma up early. (Spoilers, this was the last time we would be in the lead)

Defensive marking would cost the team a goal to get the game tied. This would not be the last marking error of the game.

Second goal against was a bad pass out of the back to make it 2-1 against. We will not name names because this happened a few times. Only two bad passes lead to goals.

We tied it up with another impressive goal from an vary unselfish goal. Justin did a lot of work and tired some truly strang shit in the game but on this goal he dribbled around in the corner and simply passed to a team make to tie the game up. Lonny just tapped it in wide open on the back post.

Scored on again. We don't want to talk about this. The people involved know what was done wrong. No need to point her out. But a bad pass turn possession into a two one one and 3 -2.

Before half the Caterer muscled his way into the box and took a fifty/fifty ball and turned it into a goal right under the keeper.

Half time 3-3 still in the game.

The second half plan was to shot the bad at the upper corners of the opposing teams goal. It would have work too if not for the other teams keeper. He pulled at least 5 well places shots out of the air with little to no effort.

Goal four against might have been the breaking point and some of the worse communication of the game. Three forwards and three defenders in front of our goal. The one with the ball was marked. The one in the corner was also marked by TWO of our players. The one in the middle was not marked and yes it is now 4 -3.

Dan once again had a tremendous unsave just like last week. Dead ball, no wall and he dodged, dipped, ducked and dodged to let the ball sail by and into the goal. The other team was pissed. We had to explain the no direct kick rule to them from the bench, yet still they complaint to the ref that it should count because they did not know any better.

From here it went down hill. Mark got run into the wall and hit his head. The players excuse was he pushed Mark but it was only when he landed on Mark that he forced him into the wall. I think both of those are fowls.

The last goal was scored and that is all I have to say about that. 5-3.

But game is not over. Dan being the goalie that he is and also the kind of guy who does not give up had an unmarked man in the corner so he came out of the box and slid, hands out and and up. The shot was taken and yes it hit his hands. Blue card and we are down one man with under two minutes. What else was he to do. He thought there was five minutes on the clock.

At some point Gil made a friend on the field and someone in the middle of play just looked at him and yelled "Fuck You"

Game is mostly over at this point but Police man Joe decided to save one last goal with his face. With thirty seconds on the clock. That ended the game. I tried to get the ref to give the other team a blue card with ten seconds on the clock when the other team left the bench before the clock hit zero. That did not work.

After the game Eddie finally realized he was old when a kid he he once coached in U10 came up to him. The only consolation was after that realization was that the kid told Eddie he was the best coach ever.

Kurt's child let him use her water bottle for the game.

Lastly The Caterer hurt him self while after game beers. It was only a cramp and may have been facilitated by him sitting in a high chair.

After the game there was some muttering about how tired people were and we could have used a sub or two more.

As we were planning on leaving a cop came in and was not looking for any of us. Joe kind of knew the guy, but did not say hi.

Kurt's sweat rag and daughters water bottle

10/25 over 40 indoor Soccer

(first game)

The Dune Pumas started the indoor season out great with a 12 0 shut out.

There are a few rule changes this year that not everyone was aware of.

First and foremost there is no sliding in this league. Bobby was the first to test this rule when he aagaoaagaoataagaoaagaoataa blue card for two footing the ball. He never touched the man, he save what was probably going to be a goal, but it was highly illegal.

The second rule change that almost no was knew about, even though it was mentioned before the game, all kicks are indirect kicks. The best demonstration of this was the other teams first goal. Yes the ball went into the next on a dead ball close to the box. Dan did the unthinkable and told the defense not to make a wall. The bench was stunned and kind of confused. Justin looked confused to he had no idea where to stand. The ball was shot directly into the goal and Dan just danced out of the way. The bench was angry, but in the end Dan made the best unsave and the goal was not awarded.

Devin asked the ref of all dead balls where indirect and the nearest said yes. So the. Devin asked about penalty kicks. Turns out not all dead balls are indirect.

Rule three most of the team knew about last session when it took affect half way though the second season. When a team goes up more then 5 goal they no longer add that extra player. It just stay six on six. No one knows why this one was changed.

Now on to the game highlights. The bearded one scored the first goal of the season to start the shutout. As we all can guess it was a off pace hit with the out side of the right foot and it spun off the keepers hands. Two more goals would come from Andy in the second half one was a simple tap in with the inside of the foot after being on the pitch for about five seconds. The other was from the normal out side of the foot finish for a hatty. The good ilecki assisted the line of those goals but there is some dispute as to when he actually heard Andy yelling for the ball. He never even looked cross field before he passed the ball.

Justin picked off an errant shot from Tator and just picked it out of the air for an well place volley to the upper corner. No one had a change to save it, not even sure the keeper saw it till it went in. Top five goal seen this year from the Dune Pumas for sure.

Tator took a sub at the worst moment late in the second half. Six minutes before the end of the game to put Dan shutout in jeopardy. There was a 3 on 2 and Tator came off. He was heard to say "it will be fine, if they score, it's in me." They did not score.

Almost everyone score today and there were a lot of good passing Infront of the goal. Eddie juked a defender at the pot of the box and softly place the ball right of the keeper in the side netting.

Point to be made before the game the bearded looked at Eddie before the game and said, "I'm going to score."

Mark and Sarge do architectory and when they got to work they are architecturing. Not sure what that means but that is also why Jamie was not at the game.

Goals I know of. Tator, Justin tall Andy....yes it took 3 tries for him to finally put the ball in the net. First shot at wall, second at wall, maybe the goalie touched it once and fourth touch he put it in the net. Gill, and Mark also hit the net.

Lastly Gregg sucks.

10/22 Friday Soccer

We are the champions. Not only did we win the league but we also won a trophy (which we bought our selves) and all of the Brewers Sting Titian's beer tickets.

Many goals where scored in Friday's final game of the season, as well as many misses. Final was 8 - 1. Sure the other team only had ten players and the Brewers had an army of almost twenty but that does not tell the whole story. Passes were made, people ran, people jogged and for the most part fun was had.

The first major miss was from our leader Kent. The ball came across the goal and instead of tapping it into the goal, the ball just stuck to his foot and the keeper was able to get his hands on it.

For a while there it did not look like the Brewers wanted to score. We got the ball into the box but no one wanted to shoot. We had two or three good passes in the box but the last one was never quite on target and didn't result in a shot.

By the end of the first half it was only 2 - 0 for the good guys.

The Traveling Scientist went down twice, once in the game when he cramped up while trying a fancy spin move into the box during the game. The second time he went down after the game when he dropped his beer on Gil. He recovered from both falls.

A notable goal in the second half was from Cam who some how found a little bit of space between the goalie's hands and the crossbar.

After six goals scored the Brewers forgot that they had to play defense. There were three two-on-one situations in a vary short time and the last of these resulted in the only goal scored against the good guys.

Sunny would tell you he had a hat trick, which might be a real fact, but all that anyone will remember is the one he missed from seven yards out. That could have been his third goal but after it sailed over the goal he was subbed to think about what he had just done. He did come back and get that third goal. (We will never hear the end of this) After the game he celebrated by eating a stranger's Chinese food in the parking lot.

Devin showed his talent by hitting both posts on a rocket shot from a questionable angle on goal. Yet in the end it went in and was counted as a goal. Point of interest here is that Tator passed the ball instead of shooting it.

Shirtless Nick was able to score the last goal of the season. This fact was in jeopardy for a brief moment when Tator was feed a beautiful ball across the goal, he made great contact and hit the post. He will have to wait till next season to make up for that.

Otto was always open, not everyone noticed but I noticed.

After the game Kurt disappeared for a while then came back. He took his bag and left the party only to come back to some grand cheers and fanfare. Finally when he decided to leave for good. Kent gave him a kiss and the eternally injured Sarge (and new camera man) licked Kurt's ear. I can not explain more.

Also Cam left and came back to drink out of the trophy. Brian left and came back to great cheers but left after grabbing his water bottle and was booed as he left again. We assume he went down again in the parking lot.

Great season boys. Let's get ready for indoor.

The trophy, the beer and the tickets from the other brewers team.

10/14 Friday Soccer

As pointed out by our leader, it was a good game this Friday night. Five goals where scored by the Brewers one was called back on a questionable offsides call. The final was 4 - 1.

We were able to pull together a team and had two subs, but I'm sure if we would have let everyone know that Andy the Caterer was bringing his home made apple cider I think we would have gotten a few more show up.

Nick was part of the first three goals. The first goal he unselfishly passed the ball to Tator for a tap in. The second he scored on his own and he assisted the 3rd as well.

Cam got one as well and so did old lover boy Mbida. To put us up by 4.

There was one yellow card given to the Brewers but that was to be expected since Wallie was the ref for the game and Cam must have missed the memo that Wallie doesn't like it when you swear at him. This was also after the goal that was called back for, as I said, a questionable offsides call.

Best quote of the day, "You have a beautiful smile it is attached to your soul." Man I missed playing with Mbida. This was directed at the new beer girl behind the counter. She did have a nice smile.

Kent hurt himself again and took his gear off before the wissel blew, and Sunny did not score.

Justin must have been bored because he needed to make his life interesting back in goal. He tried to clear the ball off one or the other teams forwards back and then had to slide to kick save it off the line.

The only goal scored on us was simple pass to the back post for a tab in. After the goal Nick was heard saying "I was just check out on that one." And not I don't think anyone was offsides on that play.

Best call off the game came from Devin who called the ball out of bounce in protest. The other team called one out that clearly was not so Devin did the same and Wallie called it.

We are still in first place going into the last game of the season.

Sunday 10/1 canceled game

The traveling scientist doesn’t read his email. As a result he showed up 30 minutes prior to kickoff and warmed up by himself. At 1055 he texted me to ask if the game had been canceled. On a positive note, he got all the beer tickets for both teams.

10/9 Sunday Soccer

Great Sunday night game for the Dune Puma's. The brewers scored seven goals through out the game and let in two late goals in the second half.

Not sure who got the first goal but I'm sure it was by accident.

The second goal was a rocket into the net by New Nick only minutes after the first.

Before the half Eddie got into a minor challenge, but had his foot stepped on. For a minute we all thought he broke his ankle but he recovered a taking a sub and pushed in a comfortable goal in the second half.

There was a moment in the second half where all three Andys we're on the field at the same time and worked the ball out of the back in tight quarters. There were four of five short passes, all accurate, to get out of a high press situation.

Nicoli got the first goal in the second half. He swears he was shooting at the time. It snuck into the near upper corner. There was no angle and almost no room between the posts and the keepers glove, but it was a great goal to put the team up by three.

Adam would not let this stand. He was not impressed and with the help of Andy the Caterer, he would out do every other goal in the game. The cross came in and the Good Ilecki left his feet and picked the ball out of the air with a text book half volley. 4-0. Nicoli no longer had the best goal of the game.

New Jason wanted in on the action and decided to try to show both of them up with a full on bicycle kick. He made excellent contact but was called for a high kick even though the closest player had no chance of getting his the head in.....the shot was not on target but it was impressive.

There was more scoring to bring us up to 5 and 0 but a goal was scored against us after a questionable call. The ref missed an offsides call...mainly because Devin did not raise his had to flag it. We all think if he would have called his own it would have been offsides.

This is not to suggest the reffing was bad. He was good and consistent even after he gave New Jason a yellow card for retaliation. In Jason's defense he was just doing the same thing that was done to him a few plays earlier.

Cam got us to six and one, with what I think was a tap in but at this point we were winning handily and no one was paying that close of attention.

Not even our goalie. Justin got chipped only moments after one of the other players said, “If he keeps playing off his line like that, I'm going to chip him." He called it and it happened. Other than that Justin did well. Yet I think he was the first to notice the field was getting a bit damp and almost miss judged a shot that skipped right in front of him but he made a solid awkward save.

I know I am missing a goal here someplace so if you want to take credit for it go ahead.

Adam was on the receiving end of a cross but he did not head the ball. The ball headed him. He was later quoted as saying "I had no idea where the ball was and than it hit me in the head."

Other points of interest, Kurt was Hungry after the game and pointed that out two or three before leaving.

Sunny wants to give the Traveling Scientist MVP of the gave....something about running a lot. (Maybe a goal)

New Nick had the shortest shift of the game, but he ran a lot while on the field.

Kent was not present and did not start.

Brian missed a penalty. But there were no penalties in this game.

And if you hear Sunny tell it, he sored two goals. We will not hear the last of this from Sunny.

First Sunday Dune Pumas game of the Fall. 9/25

It was another good win. The corrected score, according to Sunny, was 8 to 4.

Tator did not play this week, but he came to coach, run subs and text play by play to Kent. At one point he looked up from his phone after checking out how his fantasy football team was doing and said, I should really be paying more attention to this game. Those are the words of a really dedicated coach.

Justin had a great first half in goal, but got distracted while trying to recruit a few U-14 girls playing soccer on the field behind him. This led to the first goal against us in the game.

The first goal was a rocket, upper right corner, by Cam. That set the pace for the reset of the first half.

Two penalties were awarded to the Dune Pumas. Billy missed the first according to Sunny. According to Sunny, Billy missed, Brian missed and Adam missed the same penalty Sunny took and MISSED. It was on frame, but right at the keeper. This leaves Sunny with ZERO goals on the day.

Brian on the other hand scored two penalties on the same penalty. He was so excited to shoot that he scored the first one before the ref was ready. The first one was well placed and right into the side netting. The second and the one that counted was right next to the keeper, who got a hand on it, but it still went in. That gave Brain four goals on the day, but only three counted.

Tall Andy had at least one goal on the day and in the second half he had a great opportunity to score another. He hit the post with the first shot, it came back to him and he hit a defender on the second shot and the third shot missed the mark as well.

Old Nick (AKA Shirtless Nick) stoled a goal from Gill. Gill did all the work and the ball was heading into the far side of the net when Nick slid in and pushed it over the line.

El Presidente had what he thinks was the make or break play of the game. He had a great pass through the middle to New Nick who tucked it into the side netting around the keeper.

New Nick might be the new Rabah. Maybe little Rabah. It is to early to tell.

In the second half Andy took a break from the field and played some of the second half in the goal. He did his best to help the Dune Pumas lose the game, letting in 3 goals. The first of which was punted right to the top of the goal box, to a player on the other team and was chipped. He blames Kurt for not saving it off the goal line. Kurt was so close and he had done it in the past, but he failed when Andy needed him most. Andy did have two good saves in the game, but still let three goals in.

A new drink was invented, but not created. The Redneck Mimosa. Who would not want orange juice and Miller Lite? At some point after the game Billy took a phone call and said, "I have no Balls."

Kent was MIA in today's game.

Sept 15th Game recap

The fall season has started for the Dune Pumas and it was a great win. Even after a month layoff we continued playing good soccer. 3-1 win and we haven't beat that team in 3 or 4 games.

Our first goal was an own goal but the tall Andy takes credit for it since he was the last one on our team to touch it. He later went out of the game with a minor injury

Shortly after that the OG Andy had two hand balls in our own box, in the same play, within seconds of each other. There was no penalty called. Even though the second one was well over his head.

Sunny only saw one bad pass from OG Andy.

Adam missed a penalty shot after he got fowled maybe in the box. He decided the best thing to do was shoot it right up the middle into the keepers hands. I give him some credit in this since the keeper keeps moving so it can be hard to hit a moving target.

New Joe did a bicycle kick in our own box. He made good contact and there was good form. The ball was cleared about 13 yards right to the top of the box.

The go-ahead goal was scored by Tator. He tucked it in centimeters between the goals glove and the post. We had a great view of it from the bench.

The 3rd goal was even nicer. Tator while already in the box passed the ball ... Passed the ball ... Not shoot the ball he passed it to New Jason. Who hit it in with a nice pass in past the keeper.

After Otto megged Luis in the game he put his finger to his lips as if to silence the crowd and then said "just rubbing salt in the wound." Fuck Luis.

After the game we got or free beer and when we tried to by more in the form of pitchers New Jason was told no and came back to the table with only two Modelo cans. One was given to Sunny and New Jason said he licked it and now his testicle juice was on it and Sunny was drinking it.

Awards were given

Weekly recap: We Made the Playoffs

Credit where credit is due. Sunny got both goals in a 2-2 tie. Kent got zero and bailed out with vaginitis at the 60 minute mark

On to more important things

Andy “the caterer” Matola outdid himself. Grassy ass

Brian feed the pussy and come back

Optmimized x simpler times = chaos

Dwi is not an std (Billy please clarify)

Escanacan ( Billy please clarify)

Couch guy was Sunny's nickname in college because his roommate got laid all the time so sunny had to sleep on the couch

Great session and great news. Dune pumas made the playoffs. Game will be next Friday. Time and location to follow

Sponsored by Optimator and Simpler Times

Highlights from behind the goal. We had a lot of goals and he had a lot of saves.

Nick @ 820 shot the ball right into the keepers face