Ball Goes Shit

First Sunday Dune Pumas game of the Fall. 9/25

It was another good win. The corrected score, according to Sunny, was 8 to 4.

Tator did not play this week, but he came to coach, run subs and text play by play to Kent. At one point he looked up from his phone after checking out how his fantasy football team was doing and said, I should really be paying more attention to this game. Those are the words of a really dedicated coach.

Justin had a great first half in goal, but got distracted while trying to recruit a few U-14 girls playing soccer on the field behind him. This led to the first goal against us in the game.

The first goal was a rocket, upper right corner, by Cam. That set the pace for the reset of the first half.

Two penalties were awarded to the Dune Pumas. Billy missed the first according to Sunny. According to Sunny, Billy missed, Brian missed and Adam missed the same penalty Sunny took and MISSED. It was on frame, but right at the keeper. This leaves Sunny with ZERO goals on the day.

Brian on the other hand scored two penalties on the same penalty. He was so excited to shoot that he scored the first one before the ref was ready. The first one was well placed and right into the side netting. The second and the one that counted was right next to the keeper, who got a hand on it, but it still went in. That gave Brain four goals on the day, but only three counted.

Tall Andy had at least one goal on the day and in the second half he had a great opportunity to score another. He hit the post with the first shot, it came back to him and he hit a defender on the second shot and the third shot missed the mark as well.

Old Nick (AKA Shirtless Nick) stoled a goal from Gill. Gill did all the work and the ball was heading into the far side of the net when Nick slid in and pushed it over the line.

El Presidente had what he thinks was the make or break play of the game. He had a great pass through the middle to New Nick who tucked it into the side netting around the keeper.

New Nick might be the new Rabah. Maybe little Rabah. It is to early to tell.

In the second half Andy took a break from the field and played some of the second half in the goal. He did his best to help the Dune Pumas lose the game, letting in 3 goals. The first of which was punted right to the top of the goal box, to a player on the other team and was chipped. He blames Kurt for not saving it off the goal line. Kurt was so close and he had done it in the past, but he failed when Andy needed him most. Andy did have two good saves in the game, but still let three goals in.

A new drink was invented, but not created. The Redneck Mimosa. Who would not want orange juice and Miller Lite? At some point after the game Billy took a phone call and said, "I have no Balls."

Kent was MIA in today's game.

Sept 15th Game recap

The fall season has started for the Dune Pumas and it was a great win. Even after a month layoff we continued playing good soccer. 3-1 win and we haven't beat that team in 3 or 4 games.

Our first goal was an own goal but the tall Andy takes credit for it since he was the last one on our team to touch it. He later went out of the game with a minor injury

Shortly after that the OG Andy had two hand balls in our own box, in the same play, within seconds of each other. There was no penalty called. Even though the second one was well over his head.

Sunny only saw one bad pass from OG Andy.

Adam missed a penalty shot after he got fowled maybe in the box. He decided the best thing to do was shoot it right up the middle into the keepers hands. I give him some credit in this since the keeper keeps moving so it can be hard to hit a moving target.

New Joe did a bicycle kick in our own box. He made good contact and there was good form. The ball was cleared about 13 yards right to the top of the box.

The go-ahead goal was scored by Tator. He tucked it in centimeters between the goals glove and the post. We had a great view of it from the bench.

The 3rd goal was even nicer. Tator while already in the box passed the ball ... Passed the ball ... Not shoot the ball he passed it to New Jason. Who hit it in with a nice pass in past the keeper.

After Otto megged Luis in the game he put his finger to his lips as if to silence the crowd and then said "just rubbing salt in the wound." Fuck Luis.

After the game we got or free beer and when we tried to by more in the form of pitchers New Jason was told no and came back to the table with only two Modelo cans. One was given to Sunny and New Jason said he licked it and now his testicle juice was on it and Sunny was drinking it.

Awards were given

Weekly recap: We Made the Playoffs

Credit where credit is due. Sunny got both goals in a 2-2 tie. Kent got zero and bailed out with vaginitis at the 60 minute mark

On to more important things

Andy “the caterer” Matola outdid himself. Grassy ass

Brian feed the pussy and come back

Optmimized x simpler times = chaos

Dwi is not an std (Billy please clarify)

Escanacan ( Billy please clarify)

Couch guy was Sunny's nickname in college because his roommate got laid all the time so sunny had to sleep on the couch

Great session and great news. Dune pumas made the playoffs. Game will be next Friday. Time and location to follow

Sponsored by Optimator and Simpler Times

Highlights from behind the goal. We had a lot of goals and he had a lot of saves.

Nick @ 820 shot the ball right into the keepers face