All over the world, there are people who live, die, then come back and live again. They have no memory of their past lives, only the slightest feeling that maybe—just maybe—they’ve done it all before. One of The Gifted has made it his mission in his current lifetime to find others in the world like him, believing that once they are made fully aware of their gift, they can harness their wisdom, knowledge, and experience from living hundreds of lifetimes to make the world a better place. When he meets Millicent “Mills” Nielsen, a homeless girl who has an unusually strong connection to her past selves, he recruits her to join him on his mission, and they begin searching for others with The Gift. But when the people they’ve met suddenly begin to wind up dead for seemingly no reason, Mills begins to wonder who—or what—her friend really is, all while coming to terms with truths from her own past that she has worked her whole life to repress.

“Intimately haunting... it will leave you searching for The Gifted long after the last page.” 

- Kristi Strong, author of Balloon Days

“A fascinating journey into the mind and soul, engrossing for everyone who enjoys a literary drama with a touch of the supernatural.” 

- K. C. Finn, Reader’s Favorite