How to find Webroot keycode? -

How to find Webroot keycode?

Webroot antivirus starts working when you install and activate it at page. Webroot SecureAnywhere is the prominent product offered by Webroot antivirus. If you purchased the Webroot keycode from retail store or online, then you can activate the setup with key.

If you are in search of Webroot keycode on your installed setup, then follow below steps –

· Open the Webroot setup that you downloaded from the site.

· You can go to the MENU to open the software and form the drop-down, select Webroot.

· Here, go to MY ACCOUNT.

· It will display the subscription tab, tap on it.

· Within seconds, it will open keycode and subscription information and status.

Find Webroot keycode online –

Webroot keycode also can be checked online. To check it online follow below steps –

1. Open your browser (default or any other such as Google, Firefox, etc.)

2. Paste the link there.

3. A page will be displayed on your screen, enter your email and password.

4. Here, tap on the tab named as - Help me find my keycode

5. It will show you information about how to find a keycode.

6. If you do not want to read the article there, you can click on the NEXT button on the page.

7. There go to MY ACCOUNT and go to SUBSCRIPTION.

8. Check the details of your keycode.

Find Webroot keycode on Retail card –

If you have purchased the retail card, then you can find the keycode on the card. You can get or purchase the retail card from the nearby store or Webroot center. There you will get the package with the retail card with instructions. To redeem the keycode on the retail card, follow below process –

1. Open the box.

2. Open the retail card box and remove the packing.

3. Check on its backside.

4. Look for the Webroot keycode hidden as XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX

5. Read the instruction and look for the activation link.

6. Type the link e.g., on the browser.

7. When the activation page is open, enter the Webroot code here and activate the setup.

The Webroot code activation process doesn’t take too much time if you have successfully redeemed the code. The instructions are displayed on the screen and retail card if you have one. Activate the Webroot and secure the device.

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