Sybil Harris Cartoon Illustrator

Hello and welcome!

I have always held a strong sense of creativity since childhood and I eventually went on to study graphic design at college.

As I began to move into the workplace however, something felt incredibly wrong as I found I was struggling in professional environments outside of my home, alongside other difficulties which were presenting at the time.  I was diagnosed with various mental health conditions  throughout my life, to which I now know were due to a result of  life long autistic masking and burnout (I was eventually diagnosed as autistic at 46 years old and with ADHD several years later which I had long suspected). 

The one skill I always held throughout this time, was the ability to illustrate cartoons and to get  them published. My diagnosis also inspired me to promote acceptance of neuro-diversity and other disabilities throughout some of my artwork. In addition, I naturally tend to see the comedy in everyday situations and like to express that in my work where I can.

Please note I do not offer 'free' work, however charities and social causes may be considered for 'reasonable requests' depending on commitments at the time.

Below are some varying examples of past projects:

Greetngs Cards


Personalised Cartoons