Scott Seo, MD, PhD

Eye Surgeon & Physician

Comprehensive Ophthalmology & Cataract Surgery

Merritt Medical Center, 3715 Main Street, Suite 309, Bridgeport, CT 06606

Phone 203-372-4211 Fax 203-372-4142

Dr. Seo's guiding principle is simple: Treat patients as he would want to be treated himself. As a part-time handyman, Dr. Seo likes to do things himself. This extends to his patients: Dr. Seo alone examines the patient. He takes the history from the patient. He checks the vision and prescription ("refraction"). He measures the eye pressure and does rest of the exam. He discusses the diagnosis and plan with the patient. Just him and patient. What a novel idea!

How does he spend all that time with a single patient? Simple. He schedules less patients, about half the number a typical ophthalmologist sees. Dr. Seo does not run a factory mill.