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The life is nothing without an email account. If you don't have an email account, there are a lot of things that you can't take advantage of.

In today's fast forward life, this electronic means of connecting with any people from around the world has become a necessity and those who don't use emails are seen with shocking eyes.

Little About Hotmail.com

And if you use an email address frequently to send and receive messages, you must have heard about hotmail.com. Its one of my favorite email service providers in the world. I use hotmail.com since the old days when it was just launched.

It was created by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack smith back in 1996 which was later acquired by Microsoft for a hefty $400 million.

Since then Microsoft made a lot of changes and one of the major changes was rebranding. The www.hotmail.com was changed to outlook.com.

Today hotmail.com has billions of users worldwide and it is dominating the email market on the internet. Also, in order to use services like ms office, office 365 and other related products, you must have Microsoft account (basically an email address)

In this article, I will discuss everything right from creating a www.hotmail.com account, how to sign in to a hotmail.com account, how to reset a www.hotmail.com email account password and FAQs.

I will also try to include every other detail that will help the readers to completely get familiar with this largest FREE email service provider in the world.

How to Create www.hotmail.com Account

Creating www.hotmail.com account is pretty simple and everyone can do it on their own. Be it a young school going kid, old age people, and other non-savvy people. It is a cup of tea for everyone!

You just need to follow on-screen instructions and you'll be able to create a hotmail.com account. What you need is a laptop/smartphone with an internet connection and you can do it pretty easily.

Here are the steps to create www.hotmail.com account

Before to go to create hotmail.com account, make sure you are using a reliable internet connection. Because if your connection keeps disconnecting frequently, you wouldn't be able to complete the registration process. So I assume, you have a reliable internet connection, follow these steps!

STEP:1- Open your favorite browser on your computer.

STEP:2- Type www.hotmail.com in the address bar and press enter.

STEP:3- You will notice the page is re-directed to >>>> outlook.com/owa. Check the below screenshot. Don't worry about that though. We will create a www.hotmail.com email account only, you'll see it in the next few steps.

STEP:4- Scroll down and you'll see the "Create free account" blue button. Click on this button and you will be taken to the next page.

STEP:5- On this page, you will see a blank field wherein you need to enter the email. Whatever you will enter in this field will become your email address, so make sure you are entering exactly the same text as what you want your email to be.

On the right-hand side, you will see a drop-down menu wherein you'll have a choice to either choose outlook.com or hotmail.com. Select "hotmail.com" and hit the NEXT blue button below.

STEP:6- I entered a random text as you can see in below screenshot and it became my email address. In the below screenshot, my email address is "dfafdadfafd@hotmail.com". Enter the password and hit NEXT.

Make sure the password is a combination of Uppercase, Lowercase, Digits, and Special Character. Such passwords are very good from a security point of view as they are very hard to guess.

STEP:7- Enter the "First name" and "Last name" and hit "Next". This name will appear in the "From" field in person's email to whom you'll send an email to.

STEP:8- Enter your Counter/region and the Birthdate and finally hit "Next"

STEP:9- In the next step, you will be asked to solve a puzzle to make sure you are not a robot. Solve the puzzle and hit "Next" again.

STEP:10 - If the details entered by you are correct and as per the guidelines, you'll be taken to the inbox as below. Congratulations, you've created www.hotmail.com account.

You can now use this email to send/receive emails from/to others.

Hotmail.com Sign in| How to Sign in to Hotmail.com Account

If you already have hotmail.com account and looking to sign into it, follow the steps that I am going to discuss in this section. Sometimes people forget how to sign to their hotmail.com account after creating an account.

Or, they are using hotmail.com email account after a long while and wondering how to login to hotmail.com account.

If you are the one who is looking for help about the same, here are the steps.

STEP:1- Open your favorite browser and type www.hotmail.com

STEP:2- Click on "Sign in" button at the top right corner, ajacent to "Try premium" button.

STEP:3- Enter either the email, phone number or skype username and click "Next"

STEP:4- Enter the password and click "sign in". You will see the inbox if the details are correct.

How to reset www.hotmail.com password

If you have forgotten hotmail.com password, you can recover it. Its a simple process.

Before you go ahead with resetting hotmail.com password, make sure you have the information ready such as the names, alternative email, date of birth, country etc.

Follow these steps!

STEP:1- Open your favorite browser and enter www.hotmail.com

STEP:2- Click on "Sign in" and it will open sign in page.

STEP:3- Enter the e-mail for which you want to recover the password and hit "Next"

STEP:4- Click on "Forget password" and it will take to "Recover your account" page.

STEP:5 - The email for which the password has to be recovered will be pre-filled. In the "Where should we contact you' field, enter the email where you want to receive the login details. Enter the characters you see and hit "Next"

STEP:6 - You will receive a code to the email you've entered for recovery. Enter the code that you've received and hit "Verify"

STEP:7- On the next page enter First Name, Last Name, Birthdate, Country and hit "Next". This is for security purposes only.

STEP:8- Enter the passwords and choose the appropriate option from "Have you used any of the Microsoft products below with your account before? Check all that apply" options. Do the same for the next option as well.

STEP:9- You'll get the message "Your information has been submitted". If the details you've entered are correct, you will get the password recovered. You'll be notified through email.