Mohamad Redzuan Bin Idrus is a highly accomplished Lawyer and Advocate, renowned entrepreneur, and experienced businessperson with a remarkable career spanning 19 years. With a passion for law and a commitment to excellence, Redzuan has established himself as a senior partner managing his own branch at the prestigious law firm, Fariz Halim and Co, Pulau Pinang Branch. He currently serves as the Chairman of the Conveyancing Practice Subcommittee in Pulau Pinang, demonstrating his expertise in this specialized area.

In addition to his legal profession, Redzuan has ventured into the business world, making significant contributions to the industry. He served as the CEO of HIWAFA WEALTH MANAGEMENT, a well-established firm he helped establish in 2019. Furthermore, since 2012, he has held the esteemed position of Khalifah of RICH VENTURE, showcasing his leadership skills and entrepreneurial spirit.

 With a dedication to continuous improvement, Redzuan is also a senior trainer at Aric Sdn Bhd (formerly Aqsa Training and Management), where he imparts his knowledge and skills to his employees. Through his guidance and expertise, he ensures that his team receives ongoing training, enabling them to excel in their roles

Redzuan has been a certified lawyer since 2002, gaining extensive experience in the legal field over the years. From 2015 to 2019, he held the position of Vice President 1 of HartaGuam, showcasing his leadership abilities within the organization. In recognition of his academic excellence, Redzuan was honored with the Academic Achievement Award by the Rector of the International Islamic University Malaysia in 2001 when he obtained his Bachelor's Degree with Honors in Law.

Throughout his career, Redzuan has served as a trainer, lecturer, and facilitator for numerous organizations, imparting his knowledge in various fields, including communication, property law, inheritance law, and business management. His extensive experience and deep understanding of these subjects make him an exceptional resource for individuals and organizations seeking to enhance their expertise in these areas.

Redzuan's commitment to professional development is evident through his certifications, including being a Certified NLP Practitioner from NFNLP, a Certified One Coaching Practitioner, and a Professional Learning Facilitator (Mastery). These certifications not only validate his expertise but also enable him to deliver exceptional training sessions with confidence and effectiveness.

With his wealth of experience, diverse skill set, and dedication to excellence, Mohamad Redzuan Bin Idrus continues to make significant contributions to the legal profession and the business community. His commitment to continuous learning and his passion for empowering others through training and facilitation make him a respected figure in his field.

Among the organizations that have benefited from his training services are: