Welcome to the Washington State University Chapter of the American Association of University Professors


Our Mission

The primary mission of the Washington State University chapter of the American Association of University Professors is to support and enhance academic freedom and shared governance in our particular institutional setting.  Washington State University, like all publicly funded universities, is subject to political, economic and social changes at the regional, national and international levels.  These continual shifts necessitate that faculty and staff remain vigilant in the protection of core democratic values of university institutional life, that of academic freedom and shared governance.  Besides responding to these macro context changes, the WSU chapter of the AAUP aspires to help chart future work lives that are intellectually and socially vibrant and sustainable. The WSU chapter of the AAUP sees its role as guardian of these values, supporter of faculty governance organizations, such as the Faculty Senate, and partner in creating a healthier academic environment. 



Shared Governance

We assert the need for extensive and engaged faculty input in decisions related to budget (see:  collaborative budgeting) , cuts to programs and related personnel issues.   We maintain there is strength in numbers and that a strong advocacy chapter is needed to respond to insist on the inclusion of faculty voices and participation in governance of the university 

Reference and Referral 

We recognize that at times faculty may need referrals to legal services.   We keep an updated list of lawyers available to deal with employment related issues as well as human and civil rights issues in Washington State.    We do not recommend lawyers and neither does the national AAUP office.     

Freedom of Speech 

At the heart of academic freedom lies freedom of speech.   Here we keep a blog of articles on assaults to freedom of speech and  academic freedom.   As needed, we respond to these formally.   

Ending Pay Inequity

We all know the story well:   professorial salaries have stagnated and administrative salaries (as well as administrative positions) continue to rise.  We work to address the changes needed to end these disparities.   



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