picture framing

don't let haters ruin your fun

The only criteria for artwork that really matter is that you truly enjoy it.

The above print was cut out of an art book purchased at the Cincinnati Public Library's store. It cost $2.00 and had 5 different plates that were all interesting and ready to be made amazing!

If something enriches your life, then it is a worthwhile thing to surround yourself with. Cost, quality, fame, or infamy are all aspects that can be taken into consideration, but ultimately the only metric that carrying any weight is the satisfaction that art can bring into your life.

a fine point on framing

Picture framing is all about creating relationships, between art and design, between collector and collection, between audience and subject. The art of framing lies in creating subtle visual cues that play into the expectations and cultural understanding of the viewer of an artwork, which gives the viewer the framework to understand the context of what they are observing. In order to elegantly achieve that goal, it is necessary to have access to a broad variety of styles, giving the best chance of having the right combination, of many different attributes, to construct a perfect display for a work.

We strive to offer the most extensive selection of frames, mats, glass, and specialty products to achieve that goal, drawing our stock from all major picture frame suppliers, gaining the best of all the newest and coolest products on the market. Additionally, we have experienced staff who have worked and studied as artists, faux finishers, carpenters, and crafts people. Bringing all our diverse skill sets against projects, there is almost no project that cannot be made, given a little time and creative thinking.