The lights were misted over with the smoke being belched out by the machines below her, she couldn’t help but giggle as she looked at them and that made her panic. In the dark of the club she couldn’t find her friends, who had told her it would be a good idea to pass around a bowl of Cali Kush before arriving at Elysian. Now all she could think was that the red strobe looked like murder as the base manifested itself into hell in her body.

She was never good at this, any of this. She hated places like this but it never struck her to tell her friends no because that’s just who she was, some failing figure going with the motion. Some smiling accessory that her prettier skinnier friends would tote around to complement the day. And now here she was staring at the DJ while everyone moved in slow motion around her. She could tell at some point that she was crying but the tears felt so good she didn’t bother to wipe them away. That’s the only good thing about being this high, everything felt electric and alive and just so wonderful, even if her friends were making out with each other; a group of young virile men watching with self satisfaction as they drank their dos XX. It was a great labor for her to look away, sadly taken by the same spell that left the crowd in it’s slow surge, but when she did she was taken in by something more disturbing than her friends seeking attention from the wrong crowd.

It was only seconds, a fleeting instance that probably wouldn’t happen again. But in a flash of green light she found herself somewhere better. Before her was some fairytale wood where the bushes burst forth with wild flowers and the trees danced along with the wind. The only thing that spoke to her were wind chimes and the only thing she could taste was the mist that floated around her in the broad daylight. It was perfect, it was her own and it was everything she had ever hoped for in contrast to the purgatory that was forced upon her by her “friends.”

And it was gone.

She was back in with the red strobe, the four horsemen thundering on her body and her friends who had elevated their stupidity to entertaining their gentleman callers intimately. With a haze in her head and the world tilting she slid down the black wall to the floor, her body shook from the pure weight of itself as it slowly turned into convulsions. But no one noticed, no one cared as they kept on twisting their bodies slowly to the fast sounds. All she could do is feel the wonderful tears coming down her face as she whispered soft and broken for someone to take her to that meadow, for someone to put her back where she belonged.