Why I love to write?

Writing is a freedom, an escape, a beautiful paradise. Writing to me is fun and useful and amazing. I love writing opportunities and having big goals of changing the world with writing. And how doesn't want to dream? My dream is writing. Writing is the dream and the goal and my passion! I love to write everything and anything. Writing is the story is living in a made-up world. That is why I love writing. Forever and always!

My Genre and Why I like that genre

The genre I prefer to write in is fantasy. This is probably because of my obsession with anything magic. I love everything magic. Or most of it anyway. I love to build a fake universe and make rules and boundaries. Magic stuff is what i live for. My style of fantasy is someone finds out they have magic tries to control it and meanwhile has to save the world. They might have a long-lost sibling or a guide but they usually have help. I usually write with a girl protagonist because I think I write better like that and it comes more naturally to me.