Random Rantings:

Funny Quips and Life Experiences

I probably shouldn't lead this series with a bathroom event. Hey - life happens. #realtalk

So I'm snuggled in bed after a long day in Kenscoff with church, eating lunch with friends at The Lodge, and altitude sickness. (Kenskoff is at the top of a mountain that is slightly taller than the highest point in the Appalachian mountains) I'm awakened with a rumbly in my tumby letting me know it was potty time - because apparently I don't like kabrit (goat) as much I thought I did.

Well, off to the bathroom I trot and I'm sitting there with my eyes kinda open; the light's bright and I'm trying not to fully wake up, right?

Thought I saw something move across the floor behind the door. But I wasn't really sure if I saw an actual something; I'm sleepy, ya know. I shake it off because (Confession Time) I'm scared of the dark still. The kooshma (boogey man) is real!

I finish up and go to shut the light off and a TREE ROACH comes hauling around the corner into the bathroom! Y'all! I straight high stepped/jumped all the way to the bed. Now my light is on and I can't sleep....

Ugh... I hate them so much.

Flip it!

I was visiting some super cool and influential people in Kenskoff (up on the top of the mountain) when I heard ruckus on the street below us.

A tap-tap driver was coming down the rocky mountain road and slipped off the main road. The front of his truck slid into the ditch and his truck flipped on its side. People said that the driver was not injured but they took him to the hospital anyway.

This caused the narrow road to be blocked for almost a mile because of the overturned truck. You don't realize how many people live on a mountain until you see the traffic backed up!

But the most amazing thing was watching over twenty Haitians flip the truck right-side up and then PUSH IT up the hill to a safe spot so the driver could find it and traffic would start flowing again.

wow! who does that?? #haitiansdo #community

Twelfth Night

As I sit here, behind the walls of Wall's International, for the twelfth day of "Operation Lock Down", I am surrounded by sounds of life starting to come alive again. Water trucks making deliveries, gas trucks on their way to gas stations, tap-taps with people (!), motos zipping around corners, vendors calling out to sell their wares, horns, horns and more horns.

My favorite though..my favorite is the sound of women laughing. Women, the pillars of society. Hearing women laughing, I know not all is lost. No matter what new road block has popped up (literal and figuratively), it cannot prevent the pleasure and joy of relationships. No protest or government can take that away.

Build them high. Build them strong. Because in the end, all we have is each other.

“And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” - Antoine de Saint-Exuprey