About Michelle

Michelle Charlton is the founder of Write On Resources. She has tertiary qualifications in psychology, adult and vocational education and a Masters in Training and Development.

Michelle first entered workplace training in 1993 when she was appointed Retail Training Coordinator for an international luxury goods brand. Her responsibilities included sales skills and product knowledge training for staff. At the time, one of her training activities was circulated world-wide to staff in all stores.

Since then, she has worked for a variety of organisations of various sizes, in both the public and private sector; VET and non-VET related. Her work experience and vocational qualifications include those in workshop facilitation and presentation, business operations, leadership and management, project management and retail skills. Additionally, Michelle has experience owning and operating award-winning businesses so she understands the complexities of employing others, growing a business, and driving a culture of continuous improvement and quality customer service.

In recent years, Michelle has worked within the VET sector as a trainer and assessor, and RTO branch manager, before focusing on Instructional Design.

As an Academic Resource Developer and later, Instructional Design Manager, Michelle forged her reputation for well-written, engaging and learner-centric resources. Michelle currently works as a resource developer and industry consultant.

Here's some of what people have said about Michelle's work in these areas:

    • “Please extend our congratulations to Michelle for her very thorough mapping of assessment items for the Cert III RO, and her concise recommendations.” – Warren W.
    • “Thank you Michelle for bringing life to the learning. I have received some excellent feedback from branch managers and tutors who have really appreciated the tutor resource cabinet and most recently your webinar series. Your passion for learning and deep understanding of the adult learning makes you an inspiring educator” – Jenny F.
    • “Thank you for all the awesome resources to help the tutors and the students” – Jodie B.
    • “Michelle - you've been a tremendous support and wealth of knowledge - thank you for all your help” – Natalie H.
    • "Thank you Michelle for your highly professional and valuable contribution to this project. You've done a great job and it's much appreciated" - Jeanne S.
    • "Please thank Michelle for her feedback and comments, they were very helpful" - Ann L.
    • "Michelle, thanks for such a fabulous eye for detail!" - Chemene S.
    • "Many thanks Michelle. I have taken your comments on board and made changes. You are very talented in reviewing text." - Dr. Vicki R.
    • "Hi Michelle - thanks very much for your eagle eye in validating these assessment tools, you shared valid and important feedback." - Tracy C.
    • "Thank you for your penultimate professionalism, guidance and advice throughout the process. You are a rare breed Michelle - someone who really knows their stuff but can also make everyone feel worthy, someone who not only listens but has a very clever way of guiding everyone back to the path they should be on, someone who makes every team member feel valued and their contributions worthwhile. A true leader! It would be an honour to work with you again." - Deb C.