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solve every visitor's classic question:     Where to Next?   

the ultimate event companion

Find out what's on right now in all locations at the venue

Save Favourite activities & get notified before they start

Find your favourite performers

What types of events?

wotsonwhere can support any event that is geographically dispersed and has a schedule of activities happening at different locations over several days.


wotsonwhere is an innovative software application that seamlessly integrates activity, location and time - making it easy for every visitor to optimise their enjoyment of any event.

With wotsonwhere, organizers, performers and sponsors can more effectively engage with visitors.

Event organisers: 

deploy wotsonwhere to enhance visitor and stakeholder experience

Visitors want to know:


want to engage with the audience

Sponsors & Exhibitors

want to engage with visitors


wants a great experience

wotsonwhere - your event here?