Online Program

Amid the continuing COVID-19 situation, this year WoSAR will be held online. The program this year is composed of 2 keynote invited talks and 7 research papers. All the events will be live.

The opening and closing sessions, as well as the traditional WoSAR Social Banquet, will be also live-streamed.

The details of our one-day workshop program are as follows:

WoSAR 2021 Program (Schedule shows New York Time) - October 25, 2021



Rivalino Matias and Jianwen Xiang (General Co-Chairs)

Alberto Avritzer and Xiaoyuan Xie (Program Co-Chairs)


Session 1: Software Aging and Rejuvenation based on Machine Learning

Session chair: Kishor Trivedi

Keynote Talk + Q&A :

(9:00-9:40): Developing Optimal Software Rejuvenation Strategies based on Machine Learning Techniques

Kalyan Vaidyanathan

Live Research Paper:

(9:40-10:00): Within-Project Software Aging Defect Prediction Based on Active Learning

Mengting Liang, Dimeng Li, Bin Xu, Dongdong Zhao, Xiao Yu and Jianwen Xiang


Session 2: Software Rejuvenation Models

Session chair: Enrico Vicario

Keynote Talk + Q&A :

(10:00-10:40): Software Rejuvenation for Secure and Safe Control of Cyber-Physical Systems

Raffaele Romagnoli

Live Research Paper:

(10:40-11:00): Sensitivity analysis of software rejuvenation model with Markov regenerative process

Junjun Zheng, Hiroyuki Okamura and Tadashi Dohi


Session 3: Software Aging Models

Session chair: Artur Andrzejak

Live Research Paper:

(11:00-11:20): Aging and Rejuvenation Models of Load Changing Attacks in Micro-Grids

Ricardo M. Czekster, Alberto Avritzer and Daniel Sadoc Menasché

(11:20-11:40): Evaluation of software aging in component-based Web Applications subject to soft errors over time

Jacopo Parri, Samuele Sampietro, Leonardo Scommegna and Enrico Vicario

(11:40-12:00): Memory Degradation Analysis in Private and Public Cloud Environments

Ermeson Andrade, Fumio Machida, Roberto Pietrantuono and Domenico Cotroneo

(12:00-12:20): My Services Got Old! Can Kubernetes Handle the Aging of Microservices?

José Flora, Miguel Teixera, Paulo Gonçalves and Nuno Antunes

(12:20-12:40): Software Testing Strategies for Detecting Hypercall Handlers' Aging-related Bugs

Lukas Bierlieb, Lukas Iffläender, Alexander Milenkoski, Alberto Avritzer, Nuno Antunes and Samuel Kounev


Session 4: Closing Remarks

Session chair: Jianwen Xiang

(12:40-13:10: Wrap (feedback, discuss plans for next year) - All Invited

(13:10-13:40): WoSAR Live Social Banquet - All Invited - Video