Welcome to Worldsong

WorldSong is a choir with a difference: stunning harmonies, uplifting songs, inspiring rhythms, music for the soul. We sing harmony songs from the world music repertoire, specialising in traditional songs from Eastern Europe, Africa, Britain, America and beyond.

Singing in style

WorldSong currently rehearse in the incredible Methodist Central Hall, right in the centre of Coventry. WorldSong celebrates the richness of the human voice by singing without instrumental accompaniment. Our repertoire of songs is drawn from cultures where singing and dancing are as natural as talking and walking. 

There is an old Zimbabwean saying: "If you can talk, then you can sing" which pretty much sums us up! The other basic principle is that everyone should have access to music, so we don't insist that people can read musical scores: everything is taught by ear in the time-honoured tradition of many orally-based cultures.

Musical Director Una May Olomolaiye

Una May Olomolaiye is a talented vocalist, composer, choir and workshop leader. Having come from the Black church experience, Una May's main musical influence is Gospel, although she is also recognised as being one of a new generation of jazz vocalists. She has worked alongside some of Britain's top jazz musicians and has performed internationally with the female acappella group Black Voices.

Una May has travelled extensively in Africa, collecting and writing music which she has arranged and developed with many choirs across Britain. She also leads the Amika community choir in Leicester. Since taking over WorldSong in January 2008, Una May remains committed to maintaining the rich and varied world music repertoire of the choir.


We are very excited to announce that we are recording an album! 10 years on since our last one, Keresimesi. We are celebrating the joy of community singing, acapella music, and the power of music through good and bad. See regular updates on our Facebook page!  

Here's a photo from our last recording session:

The choir just before a concert

Becoming a member

Joining Worldsong is easy,  just come along to one of our taster sessions at the beginning of each term (see dates below). Email us at info@worldsong.co.uk for more details.

If you enjoy singing with our dynamic a cappella choir, in an incredible central Coventry location, we would love to have you as a member. No previous singing experience is needed.

Our choir is open to members over the age of 18 only.

If you are interested in joining us get in touch with our comittee!


Rehearsal dates

Term Dates 2023/2024

Autumn 2023

Wed 6 September to Wed 25 October

Wed 8 November to Wed 20 December

Spring 2024

Wed 10 January to Wed 7 February

Wed 21 February to Wed 20 March 

Summer 2024

Wed 10 Apr to Wed 22 May

Wed 5 Jun to Wed 17 Jul


Warwick Ln, Coventry CV1 2HA