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Words That Hit Home is a non-profit organization that serves to end the stigma against homelessness and poverty. The operation started as a small project, writing a book to share the stories of our nation's homeless and humanize the issue. In 2018, Words That Hit Home was published as a book and officially became a registered 501(c)3. Today, we partner with other community organizations to foster change and provide resources for individuals in need.

The face of homelessness and poverty is unique and cannot be linked to a sole cause. The factors are complex and without knowing each story from beginning to end, it is impossible to place blame. It is time to end the stigma against the homeless and ignite a desire to help them.

“…as a society, we just need to do better as far as helping people because we are all in this world together. If you see a homeless person, just reach out to them…”

— Debbie


Daysja and Christian started Words That Hit Home when they were both finishing their undergraduate degrees at the UNCW. A few years later, Daysja completed her Master’s in Social Work with a focus on Addiction Studies and Christian completed his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology.

Now married, they spend their free time outdoors and spending time with their pups, Weston and Bailey.

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