Beautifying the landscape of Kul Wicasi Country

Wopasi Mural 22

Mission of the project

To inspire, to be creative and to help the community of Lower Brule Sioux Tribe.


Learning the basics of creating mural, paints & materials.

Prep Work

Painting the fence with a primer and drawing out the design.


Looking at the process of painting through rain, wind & shine.

Reveal & Event

Organizing a Reveal Party and signing of the mural.

Meet the Wopasi Mural Crew:


Personally, I liked doing the mural. It was hard at first because nobody really know what to do. What i would do differently is probably not take so much time sketching and go to where the mrual would be and just try to visualize what I would want. I would do it again because I do like painting and arts.


My experience with the mural was pretty fun and cool, you don't ever get to do something like that so it was a learning experience for all of us. I got to know more people and got closer to them. I personally would not do a mural again. I am not very artistic and not the best painter, but I still had fun.


I learned to recycle paint and use old things like, plastic bags, plastic bottles to use for paint and paint brushes. The project was fun because you can't ever do things like this around her and it was a cool experience. I also met some cool people to work with. We took sometime to get the drawing done but we got our mural done in time. It was an awesome experience.


What I think about the mural is it's a fun experiment and it's cool to paint because you get to learn more things. I would maybe do a mural for my own home. You just try a new thing that you like. I never knew I would like to paint murals. Should there maybe be more in the future? I think so, and where should they be. What made us paint a mural what inspired us to do a mural. What will happen to mural when it is all done? How should we make Lower Brule a better place for Lower Brule? Or what would make it safer for all of the kids who will look up to all of us? Ask us why we did it and it will make them (kids) want to do fun stuff like this. We should keep on doing this and try to make it a safer, better, cleaner community for all of us kids, adults and elders.


I love the people I worked with while painting the mural. I would like to do it again with the same people. i learned a lot of new stuff about painting, such as color, mixing, sizing, tools, etc. I really do love drawing but I don't think painting is for me. I'd like to do it as a fun activity though.


On thing that I've learned with this mural is to have patience. We thought we'd get this done a lot earlier than where we are now, but I think that is completely okay. I would definitely paint another mural project for/with this program because now that we've got our first try done, the rest will be a lot easier because we know what works and what doesn't work for us. I think that getting started was the hardest part for us. It definitely took us a while to get it going and I think that the main reason was that we were scared or didn't know how to begin.

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