19/1/18 - Happy New Year/New day for club night/Team results

Happy New Year from Woodbridge Chess Club!

We are meeting every Wednesday night this year for casual games of chess at the Cherry Tree Pub in Woodbridge. Please come along we will be there from 19:00 and everyone is welcome.

We also have a team in the local league so if you are interested in playing competitively get in touch as we are always looking for new players. Here is the link to our results and upcoming fixtures.


14/5/17 - We are still doing ever so well!

A busy club night tonight! With several new members coming along to WCC. It looks like we will definitely be fielding a team in the league next season. If you would like to be in the team or in fact if you would be interested in running the team let me know.

Also, if any of our dear readers have a spare black pawn and a spare black bishop then please bring them along next week.

We look forward to welcoming you all next week at our regular Monday night chess sessions - Don't forget chess starts at 19:00 these days.

27/03/17 - Easter Holidays and Exciting Developments In Junior Chess

Tonight was a fun night (even though I lost both of my games)!

We had a healthy showing of 9. Two of whom were visiting from the Suffolk Chess Association - Bob Jones and Tim Kent. It was great to talk to them about what the future could hold for our jolly little club.

Tim is acting head of junior chess in Suffolk and has some great ideas of how we can help in promoting the junior chess scene in Suffolk. There is talk of inter-school competitions and big Summer tournaments. If you are a junior and would like to get involved then come along and meet up with our other regular juniors.

Have a look at the article Bob wrote about us here on the Suffolk Chess website - http://www.suffolkchess.org.uk/2017/03/visit-to-woodbridge.html

As you will all know Easter is almost upon us and due to this we will be closing the club for the following three Mondays. We will return with pieces in hand on 24th April (Check calendar for updates).

Don't forget to come and say hello on 1st April at the Woodbridge On Show event.

20/3/17 - A visit from the Suffolk Chess President and Chess Club at Woodridge in Show.

Another fun club night! The chocolate hobnobs have been flowing steadily this week, helping Woodbridge chess players to gently crush one another with their chess brilliance.

This week, we had a new 7 year old from Kesgrave who impressed with his chess knowledge and unflappable confidence.

The club will be attending the Woodbridge On Show event on 1st April at the Community Hall. If you fancy a hobnob and a game of chess then come along. I will be there to promote our wonderful club/game.

In other news, next week (27/3/17) Bob Jones, the President of the Suffolk County Chess Association, will be attending our club night. We will be looking forward to welcoming him to the club and having a chat about our plans for the future.

If you fancy a game, do come along. Remember, don't worry if you are beginner, you will be more than welcome!

06/03/17 - Junior Players Growing In Numbers And A Change In Time

Another week brings more new recruits!

Thank you to Woodbridge Primary who have been helping to promote the chess club and have encouraged more young players to seek out the club. We had two juniors tonight. It was great to see the boys having fun and challenging each other. One seemed to have a natural forking power (and a dangerously carefree king technique) and the other impressed with some strong strategical ideas (while also enjoying surrounding any carefree kings!). A big thank you to the adults who brought the young players along.

Also, It has been decided that to encourage even more juniors on a Monday evening we will adjust the times of the club night from 19:30 to 19:00.

See you all next week!

27/02/17 - Woodbridge Chess Club Spanning The Generations

This week at chess club we had two special guests!!

1) An ex-member (and ex-champion) of a precursor to the current Woodbridge Chess Club which disbanded some years ago.

2) A Year 5 student from Kyson Primary starting out on his heroic quest to become a Grand Master.

It is great to know the club and the game are attracting such a wide range of people from the Woodbridge area.

We hope to see you all in the Methodist Church this Monday at 07:30. Many biscuits and free beverages on offer.

13/02/17 - Chess for all!

A cold and gusty night tonight but still the Woodbridge chess aficionados roll on in. Woodbridge Chess Club is going from strength to strength!

Four new recruits came along and it was great to see that there is a keen discussion about the possibility of raising a league team in the near future. If any club in the area wanted to arrange a friendly please get in touch at woodbridgechessclub@gmail.com

We would like to encourage anyone to come along to our club nights. We currently don't have any junior members but they would be more than welcome (bring your adult along!). We have some really strong players that would be happy to offer coaching. If there is an interest, a Saturday morning session could be a possibility.

This website's news area appears to be becoming a regular thank you to Ed Kirkham. He kindly spent time talking through the moves with a beginner and was more than happy to share his knowledge. Thank You Ed!

06/02/17 - WCC Opening Night

Tonight saw the inaugural meeting of the Woodbridge Chess Club. Many thanks to everyone that was able to come!

Lots of friendly games were played and some strong visiting players from other Suffolk clubs including Saxmundham, Felixstowe and Ipswich attended.

The club will continue to meet on a weekly basis and we strongly encourage anyone who wants to learn and improve to come along. Our next meeting will be on Monday 13th February 19:30-21:30.

Also a special thank you to Mr Kirkham who kindly came with donations of chess sets and clocks.

WCC now has equipment and players! The world is our oyster.