your opportunity to give

Becoming a Member or 'Winer' with Women Who Wine introduces you to a network of passionate women who care about the Bozeman area. Whether you're new to town, or simply looking to meet new people, Women Who Wine will make you feel more connected to your neighbors and to your community. Members or 'Winers' come from a variety of backgrounds, industries and ages. Regardless of your income, when your monthly dues are joined with other women through our Giving Circle, you're making a significant collective impact in your community. Women Who Wine is intended to be affordable and accessible to everyone to inspire a culture of philanthropy. Members are encouraged to host a meeting at their business or home to share a cause that is near and dear to their heart.

Many women have said they've met some of their best friends through Women Who Wine and found causes that they now support through their volunteer time and personal donations. So what are you waiting for? Connect today by signing up as a Member or giving us a try by visiting an upcoming monthly meeting.


  • This is an open group, any woman can join Women Who Wine
  • Membership dues are made by either
        1. auto-debiting your account at $15/month or
        2. paying once annually online, $180/year
  • You'll receive an official membership wine glass with your name engraved
  • You can host and select a benefiting nonprofit for one of the monthly meetings
  • You are invited to the annual members-only banquet which awards the funds to benefiting nonprofits for the year

Become a Member Winer

  • Member Meeting Fee: RSVP only
  • Meeting RSVP is done online
  • Bring a bottle of tasty wine to each meeting
  • Whether you attend 5 meetings a year or all of them your on going membership dues grow the giving pool and the impact that WWW makes!

Try it out as a visitor

  • Visitor Meeting Fee: $15/meeting with RSVP
  • Meeting RSVP & Fee is paid online
  • Bring a bottle of tasty wine to each meeting
  • Visitors may attend a max of three meetings after which we ask for you to commit to being a Member Winer *This is the honor system