Starting these stories off with “once upon a time” would be quite cliché, especially when you consider the tragic ends that we each faced. Some might consider the infinite memorial to our lives in the sky to be romantic, something that should be awed, but we were only placed in the stars for the burdens that we bear.

Some might say that we deserved what we got, that the gods put us here for a reason, but as we look down at the humans who stare back up at us, we cannot help but think that maybe we were put up here to get away from human bias. You all believe the stories that you were told, out of the mouths of men who only knew so much. The same men that the prejudice extends from, because Heavens forbid we make our own choices; gods and goddesses forbid we be something other than what they want us to be, or what they have molded our tales into. They said that we were selfish, vain, that we were prizes to be won and fools to love. Maybe we are all these things, but it is not because of anyone else. No, it was our choice.

We are more than the stories that are told for us, and that is why we are here today. We were queens, and princesses, lovers and fighters. We were goddesses and humans and we have our own voices. We are going to tell you, dear readers, who we are. We are going to tell you our stories and how they actually happened. We are going to tell you how we felt. All in all, we are going to tell you the truth, from the mouths of the women who were actually there to witness the dramatic events of our lives. From the mouths of the women who these so-called “mythologies” are about. And at the end, maybe you all will understand why we were placed amongst the stars, and you will be able to make your own opinion.

Is it a blessing or a curse?

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