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To start off, we competed at the LISD Westerner Marching festival and did very well. The band "placed" 3rd out of all of the 1A and 2A classes!


​The week after we competed at the High Plains Marching Festival and we ranked 16th out of all schools 1A-6A with our color guard and percussion placing extremely well. We earned best of class of 1A's!


We are ecstatic about the year we have had so far. The 2017 Wolverine Marching Band qualified for the 2017 U.I.L. State Marching Contest. The band received a Division 1 rating from all three judges giving them their ticket to state. The kids worked incredibly hard and their hard work paid off. This is the first time in the schools history that the Springlake-Earth Band will be represented at the state marching contest. We could not be any more proud of the students and this incredible achievement. This was achieved under the motto of "TRUST THE PROCESS"!


We are very excited to have even qualified for such a high level competition! Our hard work and success kept paying off at the Alamodome! Not only did we finally get to perform our dream performance, we made 4th place in prelims to make finals! We get to march AGAIN! Finals performance came and gone and we stepped it up BIG time! The announcement was made that we were the 3rd place bronze medalist champions! We were all in awe and amazement that our hard work now has some hardware to go with it!


This year we took 6 fine JH kiddos to try out for the top middle school Honor Band. Here are the results

Josh Samaron - 1st Chair - Bass Clarinet

Clayton Stevenson - 4th Chair - Tuba

Alex Alvarez - 6th Chair - Percussion

Taylor Clark - Alternate - Flute

Jose Galvan - Participant - Clarinet

Katy Clayton - Participant - Clarinet

Very proud of these few individuals that worked hard to be able to try out!


Another history making episode for the 2017-2018 school year!

We are sending 35 kids to the TEXAS STATE SOLO AND ENSEMBLE competition!

The leadership team set a goal to have 30 students make it and we met that goal!

We will be headed to AUSTIN in MAY!


We have earned our 2nd consecutive sweepstakes! Straight 1's from all the judges!

We received very high praise from other directors and judges personally!

Big things that keep happening in the SEISD Band Programs!


The first big event for the year was the HS marching band competitions! We received best in class at the High Plains Marching Festival in Amarillo, TX also beating a handful of 2A and 3A bands!

The biggest praise so far is the Division 1 we received at UIL Marching contest! All judges gave us straight 1s! We broke a 20 + year drought of any division 1s for marching band ! Go Wolverine Band!!

On December 5th, 2017 our High school band lost one of our members. Macey Foley was an integral part of our program and she will be missed very much. She served as our Bassoon Player, Drumline Captain, and Snare Drummer. Our thoughts and prayers are with you!

This year we have taken over 70+ students grades 6-12 to try out for the All-Region and Honor bans! We have already been very successful beating last years count of 8! These students are the ones who are the top of the top! This year we beat our last year total with 15 making the bands!!

Joshua Samarron 7th Grade Bass Clarinet 1st Chair MS Honor Band

Clayton Stevenson 7th Grade Tuba 3rd Chair MS Honor Band

Cuyler Crum 8th Grade Trumpet Chair MS Honor Band

Karson Jones 7th Grade Bari Saxophone 1st Chair MS All-Region Band

Ethan Acosta 8th Grade Trombone 7th Chair MS All-Region Band

Davey Crandall 7th Grade Trumpet 12th Chair MS All-Region Band

Katie Jones 7th Grade Euphonium 6th Chair MS All-Region Band

Jose Galvan 7th Grade Clarinet 9th Chair MS All-Region Band

Mahalia Delgado 7th Grade Trombone 11th Chair MS All-Region Band

Miracle Samarron 8th Grade Euphonium 1st Alternate MS All-Region Band

Kaycee Clark 8th Grade French Horn 1st Alternate MS All-Region Band

Christian Rhymes 12th Grade Bass Clarinet 4th Chair HS All-Region Band

Taegan Everett 9th Grade Euphonium 6th Chair HS All-Region Band

Henry Leung 10th Grade Euphonium 8th Chair HS All-Region Band

Emily Jones 10th Grade Bass Clarinet 1st Alternate HS All-Region Band

Drum roll please!!!!!!!......................................

Proud to announce we have three ensembles / 25 students qualify out of 28 for STATE SOLO AND ENSEMBLE!!

Qualified Students are:

Eli Juarez

Micky Fuentes

Lisvet Rodriquez (Alt.)

Laura Ortiz-Hernandez

Hannah Sanchez

Emily Jones

Christian Rhymes

Faith Conner

Adrian Beanes

Julia Carrasco

Kamryn Alvarez

Addie-Jo Rhymes

Shelton Bradfute

Jessica Reyes

Rolando Arenas

Daryl Garcia

Berkli Furr

Alex Lopez

Kaycee Clark

Daniel Lopez

Aaron Samaniego

Paige Burks (Alt.)

Teagan Everett

Henry Leung

Miracle Samarron

Aaron Samaniego

Division 2 members are:

Cuyler Crum

Joe Matthew Cruz

Ethan Acosta

Berkli Furr

Paige Burks

We are very excited for what this year has already brought and how much we have even 1 up'ed last years total! Great year to be a Wolverine Band Member!


STAGE - 1,1,1

SR - 1.2.1

Hooray! We recieved a sweepstakes award this year! We built and pushed to further our excellence and we achieved! A very exciting day for sure and breaking a record of over 34+ years of no Division 1's.


The first big event for the year was the HS marching band competition! We made a Division II rating that contained straight twos! That broke over a decade long streak of ratings!

We held our first Kindergarten - 3rd grade Caroling concert this year!

We took over 50 of our students this year to try out for the All-Region and Honor bands 7th-12th. We were very successful and 8 of our own made an All-Region Band!

Ethan Acosta 7th Grade Trombone MS All-Region Band

Ivan Solis 8th Grade Percussion MS All-Region Band

Taegan Everett 8th Grade Baritone MS All-Region Band

Macey Foley 10th Grade Bassoon HS All-Region Band

Karlee Jones 10th Grade Flute HS All-Region Band

Abel Nieto 11th Grade Tuba HS Honor Band

Christian Rhymes 11th Grade Bass Clarinet HS All-Region Band

Melissa Urbina 12th Grade Baritone HS All-Region Band

We took a whopping 24 students to Solo and Ensemble and we have 16 students that are advancing to STATE in AUSTIN on May 28-30!

Qualified Students are:

Aracely Juarez Julia Carrasco

Margaret Soto Sara Gonzales

Christian Rhymes Kamryn Alvarez

Laura Ortiz Macey Foley

Hannah Sanchez Gabriel Garcia

Emily Jones Ross Olivares

Faith Conner Ivan Solis

Reagan Menoza Daryl Campos

Division 2 members:

Abel Nieto Berkli Furr

Aaron Sameniego Joe Matthew Cruz

Melissa Urbina Daniel Lopez

So proud of all these students!

Concert and Sightreading proved to be another successful contest in this landmark rebuilding year! We received 2,2,2 from the stage judges, and a 2,1,2 from the sightreading judges! Still pushing on! Next year we are excited to see what can happen with this great foundation that was built this year!

Come join us for our Spring Concert and Band Banquet!