WATER OF LIFE MINISTRIES is an evangelistic outreach ministry spreading the gospel helping the needy and the disadvantaged upholding charity and benevolence through the power of GOD to the glory of GOD!

WATER OF LIFE MINISTRIES is the evangelistic outreach ministry of JJGPCWC!

In conjunction with our multi mega center church JJGPCWC and Community Care we assist the community with funds and fundraisers to improve our existance! Getting the word out to inform all of the worthy information of community awareness!

WATER OF LIFE MINISTRIES is about getting THE WORD out! THE WORD OF GOD telling all that GOD is wanting us to commune and habitate with HIM let HIM set up HIS miraculous habitation and do excellent things for and through us! And go and tell of HIS mighty and miraculous WORD and deeds!


GOD bless!

Blessings and Unity!

Whosoever will let him come and take unto him the water of life freely, Rev. 22:17