Welcome Day

We're really looking forward to meeting you in person! However, at this point of the year we would normally invite you to visit our department for Welcome Day so that you could get to know some of your teachers. In place of this, we've put together a lesson below delivered by as many of us as possible. We hope you enjoy the lesson and meeting us virtually!

Please follow the instructions and videos below:


Starter Activity

Can you Zooley?

Watch the video for an introduction! Below you will find some hints to help you make progress.

Hint 1

Hint 2

Hint 3

Hint 4

Zooley Solutions

Main Activity

Which is bigger?

Please watch the video where Judit introduces the start of your main activity. You will need some paper and a pencil.

Which is bigger - Algebraic Fractions?


If you have any questions, please either visit the Woking College website or e-mail me at jbw@woking.ac.uk .

Please ensure that you have checked out the bridging activities we have produced for you. These lessons are aimed at making sure you're fully prepared to start A-Level Maths in September!

If you are interested in A-Level Statistics or Core Maths, please check out this section of our site!