A-Level Maths Preparation

Woking College Tasks and Investigations

This website contains weekly activities and challenges to keep you mathematically fit so that you are ready to start A-Level Maths .

These activities were designed to be challenging to keep you engaged with Maths, so don't worry too much if you can't do them, The Key thing is to have a go and be curious.

Each week there is a theme to the work alongside a test on assorted GCSE Topics, these tests and the topics covered in the link to AMSP below are really good refreshers f the sorts of things you may be asked to do following enrolment.

We hope you enjoy these challenges and we look forward to seeing you in September.

Friendship Paradox and Virus Spread

I saw this video Last year from Brunel University and thought it was fascinating:

Probability and Network connections and the modelling behind rapid disease control.

Something harder?

Some people have e-mailed to ask if they could have something harder... I would encourage you to continue to complete the themed weekly challenges as these are based on topics that are important when you start A-Level Maths. This week there are a couple of extension problems there too. But if that's not enough, then check out the "I need a challenge" link at the top of this page.

If you have any feedback for us, please let me know by emailing jbw@woking.ac.uk

Below are some external sites that you may wish to visit...

The nice people at AMSP have also put together some investigations for you to have a go at and these are on some important topics, definitely worth a look!

Mathster is a place to get old UKMT Questions. These are always good for getting the brain thinking. Try the Hard/Intermediate to Senior questions! You will have the opportunity to enter this competition in your 1st term at Woking College.

No longer free but you might like to get a copy of "Head Start to A-level Maths" by CGP