A-Level Maths Preparation

Woking College Tasks and Investigations

Over the coming weeks we will be adding Links and Challenges to this website to keep you mathematically fit over the lock-down/Summer period and so that, even without the study you would normally do for a GCSE exam, you are ready to start A-Level Maths.

Each week there will be a theme to the work alongside a test on assorted GCSE Topics.

We hope you have enjoyed these challenges and we look forward to seeing you in September.

Friendship Paradox and Virus Spread

I saw this video today sent by Brunel University and thought it was fascinating:

Probability and Network connections and the modelling behind rapid disease control.

Competition time

It would be great to see you enter our competition, there will be a set of questions each week with solutions released at the same time as the next round. Please click the link below to see the see the questions:

The Competition will Finish on 20 July 2020, Thank you to all those Participating.

Something harder?

Some people have e-mailed to ask if they could have something harder... I would encourage you to continue to complete the themed weekly challenges as these are based on topics that are important when you start A-Level Maths. This week there are a couple of extension problems there too. But if that's not enough, then check out the "I need a challenge" link at the top of this page.

If you have any feedback for us, please let me know by emailing jbw@woking.ac.uk

Below are some external sites that you may wish to visit...

The nice people at AMSP have also put together some investigations for you to have a go at and these are on some important topics, definitely worth a look!

Each week Hegarty Maths will be Streaming a live lesson at 2pm on YouTube, If you can't make it live they will be available on their YouTube channel.

Mathster is a place to get old UKMT Questions. These are always good for getting the brain thinking. Try the Hard/Intermediate to Senior questions!

No longer free but you might like to get a copy of "Head Start to A-level Maths" by CGP