Scramble Format Rules

A scramble is one of the most common formats for golf tournaments. The game is played by a team of four players where each member hits their ball throughout the match. Team captains choose the best shot from the first stroke and use the same spot for each player. After completing one round, the team engages in another stroke where they select one location and play the balls from there. The process continues until all holes are completed.

The scramble golf format is common among charity events because of the relaxed rules and lack of pressure to achieve individual scores. Its rules of playing are also informal and modified based on the organizer’s wishes. In some cases, the scramble match can involve allowing players to perform two tee shots due to the informal rules. This means golf scramble does not have an official format covered by the official golf rules.

The Rules for Playing Golf Scramble

The players are allowed to improve their lie by one club length through the green, except for hazards. In cases the team’s best shot falls on a hazard such as sand or water, they are forced to play from the location without moving. This means a player cannot enjoy the one club-length advantage when the ball dropped in a hazard.

During the tournament, all four members of a team start by teeing off on each hole before deciding on the best tee through a consensus. The captain often decides on the best shot, which mostly entails the longest drive on the fairway. After determining the spot for the second stroke, it is marked for visibility.

Each golfer will then hit his ball from one chosen place and proceed likewise until the lowest score for the hole is achieved. The process will then begin anew on the next hole until the end of the round with a score determined by hitting the hole.

Only one ball, and thus one score counts per hole for each team. The best score for each hole is added up before determining the rating of a scramble team from the total of the best shots. The team with the lowest total score for the round wins the gold scramble tournament.

If teams have a tie from the scramble gold, the organizers draw a random hole number and use a team’s lowest score in that hole to determine the winner. For example, hole number 6 can be drawn to break the tie. In case the score is still tied, then tournament organizers will call for progression from that hole until a tie is broken. Players can speed play in Scramble by playing for Bogey.

Different formats or variations of scramble golf

Texas scramble

This variation of scramble fold is similar to the regular format with four team members and similar rues. However, Texas scramble differs from the regular format because members are required to each contribute a minimum number of drives throughout the series.

Florida scramble

This variation involves golfers whose ball was selected after each stroke to sit out the following stroke. Therefore, one member of a team skips each stroke played except in each hole's drive.

Las Vegas scramble

This variation is a 4-team format that involves the use of a 6-sided die. A roll of the dice is used on each hole during the round to determine which member's drive will be used on that hole.


In this variation of Scramble, there is a combination of Scramble and best ball. The game starts with golfers playing a scramble off the tee. From that point on, then every player is to play for themself to complete the hole.


This variation of the Scramble is when a scramble is combined with a team handicap, which means you play using net scores based on a handicap for your team.