A little about how we got started....

I grew up in the family catering business. When I was around 12, my dad put me to work Friday and Saturday nights washing dishes. As I got older, my responsibilities expanded and I took on new jobs: floor mopper, server, sous-chef, prep-cook, office assistant.....you name it, I did it.

I spent many hours working side by side with my father as he moved from catering to a small beach-side snack shack and then expanding again to a restaurant at a local golf course. In my twenties, I started my first company carrying on the family entrepreneurial tradition.

Papa Mick always hard at work!

Fast forward 20 years and I have two young sons of my own. After one too many cherished stories of working with my Dad as a kid, my oldest son finally asked,

"Why don't YOU start a new business so that WE can all work together?"

That question stirred my creative juices and in the spring of 2017, the three of us began researching business opportunities that we could work together. We needed something that my boys could help with, that allowed us to be creative and wouldn't break the budget... so my wife would sign off too!

We eventually landed on the street food business model. I was confident both of my boys could play a major role and learn a lot in the process. The classic sidewalk food cart seemed to be a perfect fit!

After months of research online and spending time with local food cart vendors, we finalized a design and got to work building. That's right, we built it all ourselves. We spent the fall of 2017 building our first cart over many nights and weekends.

We started off serving our local communities of Lancaster & Depew at concerts, festivals and every other event we could find. Little by little we expanded our menu and began to provide catering as well!

Now over 5 years in business and we have done it again: We built a new, larger trailer as a quarantine project in early 2020. This trailer is fully enclosed and allows us to be out in any weather, any time of the year. It also added additional equipment so we could expand our menu options.

We continue to show up at the local concerts, festivals, private parties and events in our bright yellow & red trailer but have also added daily lunch and dinner locations year 'round with the focus on serving our hometown of Lancaster, Depew and the surrounding areas.

We look forward to being a part of our local community serving all of their favorites, made to order and fresh off the grill.

Our Motto will continue to be:
"Great Food, Affordable Prices, Quick Service and Fun Times"