Useful Links for 'Treaters'

With the revelation that ALL honey produced in the USA, even that from Certified Organic Apiaries miles away from any spraying. contains detectable levels of Roundup (a suspected human carcinogen) (0), and the staggering number of scientific papers and global studies produced over 2016 and 2017, indicating the devastating effects of all pesticides (including herbicides) on our global environment/pollinator health, and the extent that bees collect and concentrate these toxins in the hive, well, these references alone should be enough to convince any rational human not to use any so called 'crop protection' chemicals (1), (2), (3), (4). Chemical treatments in the hive are pesticides, many of which concentrate in wax and make it into the human food supply.

Combine that with the UN's call for a global treaty to phase out pesticides (5) and another study also by the UN showing that pesticides are not needed to feed the global population (6), why wouldn't we want to get ahead of that curve?

2% of insects are considered crop pests. When you spray non-specific pesticides (poison) on your food, you're killing 100% of insects in your field. Many of the 98% of insects your are inadvertently killing are beneficial insects, who if left to thrive, will control the 'crop pests' (aka food for predator insects) to a level which minimizes crop damage by those pests ( ).

Still not convinced? You 'll probably need the links below then at some point...