Scenario Packs

Modern Armor

Eagle Troop at the Battle of 73 Easting

The battle erupted about halfway through the brief land phase of the Gulf War. American armored forces had entered Iraq and pivoted to unhinge the enemy’s defenses inside Kuwait. Facing them was what appeared to be a well-trained and well prepared enemy - the elite Republican Guard.

The Republican Guard was dug in, defending the territory it trained in often. The Coalition forces were strung out, navigating by compass and GPS. Fog, sandstorms and “oil rain” confused the picture on the battlefield. All of this, on paper, should have given the Iraqis a fighting chance. Instead, by the end of the 26th of February, 1991, the best they had to offer had been annihilated.

This scenario recreates the historical battle. Variants allow you to explore what would have happened if the Iraqis had been better prepared, luckier, or better trained.

The Battle of Goose Green

Falklands War: 2 Para vs Task Force Mercedes

Micro-armor (Infantry!) Scenario with statistics and scenario rules for the Modern Armor,

This scenario recreates the historical battle. Variants allow you to explore what would have happened if the British had used tanks or had their lost helicopters, and what would have happened if the Argentines had shown more aggressiveness.

Includes scenario rules and notes for Solitaire play.

Five Battles from the Arab-Israeli Conflict

These scenarios are based on five iconic armor actions during the Arab-Israeli conflicts, between 1956 and 1982.

Various liberties have been taken with the historical actions to reduce large, complex battles to a tabletop game, and various vehicles have been used that probably were not present together on thie particular battlefield, but saw action in the same theatre of war. An example is the inclusion of the AMX-13 in the Operation Kadesh scenario.

These scenarios were included (in condensed form) in the Modern Armor rulebook.

  • The Suez Crisis — Operation Kadesh
  • The Six-Day War — Sharon at Umm Qatef
  • Yom Kippur War — The Chinese Farm
  • Yom Kippur War — The Heights of Courage
  • Operation Peace in Galilee — Soultane Yacoub


From the viewpoint of 1991, it must have seemed like war and contested borders were exiled forever from European history. Yugoslavia soon proved that wrong, but it was the collision of NATO’s expansion into the former Soviet Union with the conflict in Ukraine that abruptly focused the strategic thinking of NATO on the possibility of defending member nations from direct invasion.

eFP is a sourcebook for Modern Armor or any microarmor system. Included are unit Orders of Battle for the NATO forces stationed in Poland and the Baltic States and their potential Russian and Belarus opponents, scenarios, and rules to cover the latest battlefield weapons.

Armored Fist

Hannut and Gembloux: the Battle of the Belgian Plain, 12-15 May 1940

Two scenarios recreating the battles between the 3rd and 4th Panzer Divisions and the French Division Légère Mécaniques and the 1re Divison Marocaine. Hannut, the largest tank battle the world had ever seen, and Gembloux, where the French stood their ground against everything the Germans could throw at them - until the deadly gap opening up to the South, in the Ardennes, forced them to withdraw.

Battles of Stonne 1940, Grossdeutschland vs the 3e DCr, 15-16 May 1940

Five scenarios recreating the ferocious battle to control the town of Stonne, the first and best opportunity the French had to derail the drive to the Channel. Infantry Regiment Grossdeutschalnd faced off against the tanks and soldiers of the 3e DCr and 3e DIM in a battle German veterans would later say was as intense as Stalingrad. Day and night actions, infantry vs tanks, and the rampage by B1 bis commander Pierre Billotte, who claimed 13 kills in one action.

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